Life Lately, According to Instagram – March (Madness) 2014

28 03 2014

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What We’re Into: Spring 2014 Edition

24 03 2014

Charleston honey

Local Honey

I’ve learned my lesson. When the Farmer’s Market closes down for the winter next year, I’ll buy twice as much honey as I think I need. I’m rationing out the last of my remaining nectar, and counting the days until the Farmer’s Market returns. With the pollen starting to coat my windows, cars, and patio furniture, I’m gonna need the rumored health benefits of some delicious local honey in battling spring allergies. Stock up! After all, it never goes bad.

bee glasses

Ballard’s Bee Drinking Glasses

Speaking of honey bees, why not sip your sweet tea from gorgeous glasses featuring a subtle French bee? Did y’all know that Ballard Designs is headquartered in Atlanta?



Is there anything more beautiful or more Southern than a big batch of hydrangea flowers gracing your home? Decorate with this delicate bloom while you can, and then when the heat of summer gets to your bushes, you can enjoy them all year around with this Diane James silk bouquet.


What are y’all into this spring?


Life Lately, According to Instagram — February Edition

28 02 2014


Botanical Tea

26 02 2014

Tuesday Tip: Safe Car Colors

25 02 2014

Are you in the market for a new car? Think about your insurance when you pick out the color and you may save some money, as well as keeping yourself safe.

Drivers in green-yellow cars are the least likely to be hit, as light colors that stand out from the surroundings make them easier to see and therefore avoid.

If yellow isn’t your preference, cream and white are also considered amoung the top safety colors.

Choose wisely. Popular red and black are the least safe.

Mississippi Company Roast

21 02 2014
Recipe adapted from Table for Two blog

Recipe adapted from Table for Two blog (click image for link)


Every now and again, a recipe comes along that you devour and keep thinking about for days. This is one such recipe. I made it for the first time not too long ago when my whole family came to visit. It makes enough for a passel of folks, takes almost no effort at all, and is sure to impress.

Place a chuck roast in a Dutch oven or another deep oven-safe ceramic dish. Turn the oven on low (300) for about four hours (depending on your size roast, adjust cooking time for safety).

Top your roast with one whole stick butter, 5 or so peperoncinis, and one teaspoon of each:

  • salt
  • pepper
  • parsley
  • garlic
  • onion powder
  • chives
  • dill

That’s it. Promise me you’ll make this, whether you’re having company or not. You won’t regret it.

(P.S. – This makes a-ma-zing sandwiches the next day on some toast or buttered rolls.)

From Baroque to Bluegrass

12 02 2014

I recently had the chance to attend the Carmel Bach Festival and attend a concert by Mike Marshall, noted mandolin player. It was such a treat to sit and listen to classical music blended so effortlessly with the South’s beloved bluegrass, I had to marvel at why the pairing isn’t more common.

In the hands of a master musician, such as Marshall, all music seems truly like the universal language.

I haven’t been able to get this concert out of my head, so when I was looking for a gift for a musically-minded loved one, and discovered that Marshall hosts an online mandolin school, I couldn’t help but think it was the perfect gift!

Mike Marshall tours and plays all over the South and the country, or take a gander at some of his music right from the comfort of your own screen.

Tuesday Tip: Water Pressure

11 02 2014

We love vinegar as a household cleaning product. So, here’s another use for you…

We’ve all seen commercials for those cleansers that clean and de-clog your showerhead, but a cup of vinegar will do just the same, naturally and without harsh chemicals. Pour into a ziplock bag that will fit over your showerhead, rubber band it to the top so the head is immersed in the vinegar and leave it for a couple hours. Now just rinse away, and voila… a clean and smooth-running shower head!

Meatloaf Muffins

7 02 2014

Picture via Food Network

Obviously, we love the classic comfort food meatloaf around here, especially as the weather begins to cool, and suppertime needs to be just a little richer with a coolness in the air. As a variation on the classic loaf, next time make your mixture and place into muffin tins. Just be sure to cut your baking time in about half (they cook much quicker, usually in about 20 minutes) and are perfect for individual portions to use as leftovers.

This way, everyone gets their own variation. Some can cover in ketchup, others in gravy, bbq, or another sauce.

(You can also double these as meatballs for your italian sub!)

Anything small is infinitely more edible and appealing!

The Cotton District, Mississippi

5 02 2014

Cotton District

Located in the college town of Starkville, Mississippi is an idyllic neighborhood — the Cotton District.

In the 1920’s, Starkville’s cotton mill was home to many poor tenants and workers, and by the mid-1960’s, it had fallen into complete disrepair. So Dan Camp, inspired by European cities, as well as other beautiful Southern locales such as Charleston and New Orleans began building homes and businesses classic architecture in the Victorian and Greek Revival styles.

Commonly considered the first example of new urbanism, today, the Cotton District houses college students, young professionals, and retirees.