Screen Door Series: Boone and Valle Crucis

15 06 2011

Here are a few screen doors submitted by Joe and Cynthia Key. These are in Boone and Valle Crucis, North Carolina. You might also love to visit nearby Banner Elk, which we posted about eons ago!

The Gladiola Girls is a chic shop in Boone. 

This next screen door is from Mast General Store in Valle Crucis.  I actually think this is my favorite of all of their locations and it is the original store.  It is a must visit location!

Seriously, I think I have a screen door addiction! They are ever so lovely.

Screen Door Series: Inside Austin

4 05 2011

It is always so lovely to be invited into someone’s home, especially when the home is absolutely beautiful.  Here is a peak at the screen door from inside an older Austin home nestled in the Clarksville area. 

Screen Doors never lose their style.

Screen Door Series: Cumberland Island

28 10 2010

On a recent trip to Cumberland Island, Georgia, I was thrilled to find screen doors.  These screen doors are part of the island’s national park and open to rooms full of history.  The green door is one of many in the area designated for servant quarters on the island.  Servants totaled more than 400 at its peak, while serving less than 100.  The white door is hinged to the current park ranger house near the first dock at Dungeness ruins.  The gnats on the island can be unbearable, and I imagine that the screen doors were lifesavers on humid summer days.

Screen Door Series: Yellow Austin, Texas

23 06 2010

She could find her house in the dead of night and loved it that way.  One neighbor sneered at her color choice, and shut the blinds while she painted that cold February morning.  She didn’t care.  Truth be told, she needed someone to paint her such a happy color and then maybe she could forget.  Between her and the screen door lay a world of hurt, but for now she is content knowing that at least her house is a happy color. 


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Screen Door Series: Inman Park, Atlanta

29 04 2010

This is a great screen door that boyfriend and I found while walking around Inman Park in Atlanta, Georgia.  Personally, I enjoy the horizontal pattern of the screen door on the bottom, complimented by the six window panes of the wooden door.  Screen doors are just great!

Screen Door Series: Spring!!

22 02 2010

Can you just taste that spring is around the corner? The little buds are waiting with anticipation the opportunity to share their beauty and bounty with you. 

Here are two screen doors from around the web world that make me think of spring and upcoming Easter (yes, in case you didn’t already notice the onslaught of Easter candy in the stores. Easter is Sunday, April 4th).

Photo by: Mark Lohman via Myhomeideas

Photo from PoppyTalk

We are ready spring!!!

Screen Door Series: Pantry Door

31 01 2010

Ok, so I just love screen doors. This screen door is just precious.  Traditionally, we think of screen doors as only the outer door, but as we saw in Athens and here in Neptune Beach, Florida, screen doors can take on a whole new purpose. 

This vibrant screen door marks the entry way to the pantry and when you need to grab something the door disappears into the wall.  Practical and pretty. I love it.