Odds ‘N’ Ends

So, some of y’all might be askin’, “What’s a blog?”
Well, we’re just learnin’ too, but a blog started as a portmanteau of the words Web Log… weblog… weBLOG… get it?

It’s basically just a journal you keep on the internet–like an online diary!

As many of you already know by now, we discovered a mutual love of all things Southern, and a growing community on the World Wide Web, so decided to bring all friends–old and new–together to celebrate our home in the Southern states of this good ol’ US of A.

But how does it work?

Well, basically we’ll try to update the site with a little something Southern Savory.  Just like you, we like to spend most of the weekends lounging on the porch or watching the game, rather than lookin’ at a computer, but the weekdays we hope you will catch up with us and blog about southern cities, shindigs, folks, fixins, and happenings.  We are southern, but we are not tacky!

Occasionally, we’ll post some pictures, or even videos of our life.

So, what is your part in all this? Well, first, read all about it! We just love to share what’s going on in our humble, but lovely, lives. And secondly, we want you to be a part! Be sure to click the little link (a link’s just one of those words or phrases that’s underlined that means you can click on it, and it does something, or takes you somewhere else on the web) that says “Comment.” We love to put our thoughts out there, but we REALLY love to hear from all of you. That’s your place to talk back. Friends whose faces we know, and those we don’t yet.

We’ll admit, we had to buy a book teaching us all about this blog stuff, so don’t be intimidated. But mostly, just realize that there’s nothing you can do on this site to mess anything up. Just navigate to us (type sweeticedtea.wordpress.com into that top white rectangle at the top of the page), bookmark us (click “Bookmarks” or “Favorites” at the top menu bar, then add us to your list), and make sure you come here as often as you like!

You’re always welcome at the home of Sweet Iced Tea!

(And please, please… feel free to email us anytime with suggestions or just a howdy! We can be reached at BeckyandGinger@gmail.com.)


We here at Sweet Iced Tea LOVE Google. And among our favorite features is Google Reader. If you already use a Goggle account for anything – email, news, maps, and other applications – you should really check out Google Reader. For instance, instead of typing in http://www.sweeticedtea.wordpress.com everyday into your web browser’s address space, you can just go and check Google Reader, and this uploads any new content we’ve posted since the last time you checked. The genius of this feature is that it keeps you from typing in all those fun sites you check most often. As you know, we’re big fans of other blogs and shops and such too, so instead bookmarking and directing your browser to each individual site every day, it’s all in one place. Simple!

Go ahead, give it a try. We won’t mind! Just make sure you “subscribe” to Sweet Iced Tea. Now, we can talk every day! (Psst, just a hint for the rest of you just figuring out this newfangled technology stuff… you might of heard of an RSS feed (that pesky orange box with the three arches popping up everywhere)… turns out that’s what this is.)


I’ll admit it. I’m an addict — a Pinterest addict. If you’ve heard of Pinterest, you know it’s habit-forming. All the greatest home tips, images, recipes, and cute sayings, all in one place.

Pinterest is a virtual cork-board style photo site where you can manage your own collection by “pinning” things to your board, and looking at others. If you’re a Pinterest member, check out our Sweet Iced Tea pinboard. And if you’re not, what are you waiting for? Request an invitation today so we can be in this together!


Follow Sweet Iced Tea on Twitter!
“What is Twitter,” you may ask? Well, to put it simply, it’s like a mini blog. You’re limited to 140 words (we know, we know… how do two Southern girls manage that??), so it’s short little updates that most folks use to share with their friends what’s going on in life, personal musings, or just whatever pops into their little brains. We’re going to use Sweet Ice Tea on Twitter primarily to keep you informed as to what’s going on at Sweet Iced Tea on our blog at WordPress.
You’ll need to create yourself an account, but once you’ve done that, you can follow other “tweets,” write them yourself, and get followers reading what you have to say. You can even have the updates come to your phone, via text message, so there’s an ongoing dialouge of where your friends and family (and totally strangers!) are doing. It’s great fun!
So join this trend and get yourself a Twitter account. The stay tuned for a lot to come on all things Southern life!
P.S. — Notice on Twitter, we’re SweetIceTea (no “d”)! 🙂

3 responses

22 10 2008

Hi Becky and Ginger,

I am so glad others enjoy fall as much as I do. At least I know there are 3 of us!! The cooler weather brings with it all the beauty of a “season”, of which us folks here in Florida rarely experience. Fall is a wonderful time of year. Some great pictures of the Fried Okra by the way. Sausage on the grill. ummmmmmmm . My Weight Watcher plan will have to be adjusted for the upcoming week-end. Points~whose counting!!
Ginger I want to make the Red Velvet Cake over Christmas. It has a story book undertone. I want to read the “Velveteen Rabbit” childrens book again and host a tea party for little girls!! (it’s what southern ladies do!!)
Thanks so much for the great reading and ideas.

love, debbie

31 05 2010
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13 06 2010
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