Follow Sweet Iced Tea on Twitter!

“What is Twitter,” you may ask? Well, to put it simply, it’s like a mini blog. You’re limited to 140 words (we know, we know… how do two Southern girls manage that??), so it’s short little updates that most folks use to share with their friends what’s going on in life, personal musings, or just whatever pops into their little brains. We’re going to use Sweet Ice Tea on Twitter primarily to keep you informed as to what’s going on at Sweet Iced Tea on our blog at WordPress.

You’ll need to create yourself an account, but once you’ve done that, you can follow other “tweets,” write them yourself, and get followers reading what you have to say. You can even have the updates come to your phone, via text message, so there’s an ongoing dialouge of where your friends and family (and totally strangers!) are doing. It’s great fun!

So join this trend and get yourself a Twitter account. The stay tuned for a lot to come on all things Southern life!

P.S. — Notice on Twitter, we’re SweetIceTea (no “d”)! 🙂

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