The Cotton District, Mississippi

5 02 2014

Cotton District

Located in the college town of Starkville, Mississippi is an idyllic neighborhood — the Cotton District.

In the 1920’s, Starkville’s cotton mill was home to many poor tenants and workers, and by the mid-1960’s, it had fallen into complete disrepair. So Dan Camp, inspired by European cities, as well as other beautiful Southern locales such as Charleston and New Orleans began building homes and businesses classic architecture in the Victorian and Greek Revival styles.

Commonly considered the first example of new urbanism, today, the Cotton District houses college students, young professionals, and retirees.

Second Anniversary Giveaway Winners!

27 04 2010

sparkler image from Flickr

Thank you to all who participated in our Second Anniversary. It’s our readers, who we consider friends, whether we’ve met you or not, who make this special, fun, and interesting for us everyday.

And now… without further ado — our giveaway winners. We used to select from our comments, so all is fair and square. If you won one of the prizes, please email with your address so we can send you your prize! Just a little gift from us to you for coming along this journey with us so far.

Here’s to many years to come!

North Carolina’s Mitford Books by Jan Karon- Rachael

Tennessee’s BBQ by Corky’s Sauce and Rub – Ashley

Georgia’s Phickles Pickles – Debbie

Mississippi’s Fat Possum Records – Daniel

[And yes, if you were wondering… that’s only 4. I guess y’all got too busy to comment on Thursday, so we’ll give one more chance to win some classic Kentucky Bourbon Balls. Comment today for that tasty treat.]

2nd Anniversary: Fat Possum Records Giveaway and Mississippi

23 04 2010

We are headed down to Mississippi and up to no good.  Actually, we are doing a lot of good as today’s giveaway is really exciting.  Fat Possum Records, in Oxford, Mississippi, boasts several Mississippi blues artists, as well as, more independent sounds such as, Band of Horses.  If you ask me, that is quite the spectrum of artists to sign. 

Visit the Fat Possum Record website and check out all of their artists.  Select 2 records of your choice, and leave them in a comment for this post by Sunday, April 25, 2010. You might select someone like Al Green, Band of Horses, Andrew Bird, Cecil Barfield, Furry Lewis, Jimmy Lee Harris, or Heartless Bastards. The fun part is that the decision is entirely up to you! Don’t forget that by entering you also enter to win a southern gardening and/or style book. 

The past few days of prizes have been nothing to scoff at either, Monday’s Mitford Series books, Tuesday’s Corky’s BBQ, Wednesday’s Phickles Pickles (you really want these), and Thursday’s Kentucky Bourbon balls.  Whew! That is a lot of great stuff you don’t want to miss. 

Continuing with the excitement for our second anniversary, here are a few of the favorite posts from the beloved Mississippi.  She is such a pretty state, she will chase your blues away!

Erin Austen Abbott


William Eggleston

Oxford, Mississippi

The Grove

Cornbread Nation

Hotty Toddy

11 11 2009

Sweet Iced Tea Photos

Ok, so we have to admit that when we arrived in Oxford, we didn’t know what was going on when we kept hearing people shout out to one another, “Hotty Toddy!”

So, just in case, for the rest of y’all hopefully planning a visit to this, one of our favorite campuses in the Southeastern conference, a little explaination here for you as to what in the South that means.

It comes from the school’s cheer which chants (sorry, Daddy… I know ladies aren’t supposed to curse!):

Are you ready?
Hell yeah! Damn Right!
Hotty Toddy, Gosh almighty
Who the hell are we, Hey!
Flim Flam, Bim Bam

So now you’ll know… gosh almighty!

Road Trip: Oxford, The Grove

5 11 2009

Oxford the grove 3

So the first stop on our main event (well, after we finally got off the exit and found a parking space–all part of the experience!) trip to Oxford, Mississippi was The Grove.

A  picturesque park in the middle of campus, this heart of Ole Miss is tailgating headquarters during football season.

Thousands of tailgaters bring their tents, “refreshments,” and friends out rain or shine and party until the game starts. And plenty of others keep on going through the game, bringing elaborate televison and sound systems to make sure to watch the game.

Oxford the grove 2

Oxford the grove

If you’re going to spend time in Oxford, the Grove is an absolute must. You’ll never see anything like it. Make sure you wear your Sunday best. You’ll see many more prim dresses and gentlemen in ties than you will t-shirts and hoodies. All part of the Southern charm!

Oxford the grove 1


Road Trip: Oxford Square

3 11 2009

Oxford city hall

Possibly my favorite part of Oxford jaunt was the charming square. Locals call this “The Center of the Universe.” And of course, there’s no surprise that anyplace with the most Southern shops would draw two Southern girls (who love to shop)!

There were so many places to visit here in the center of downtown, but among our favorites were Square Books, Lily Pad, and Amelia.

Do y’all have any favorite places in Oxford?

Road Trip with Sweet Iced Tea

15 10 2009
Sweet Iced Tea Roadtrip

Sweet Iced Tea Roadtrip

You might of noticed we’ve been m.i.a. the past week. Where were we, you ask? We’ve been in the good ol’ South, of course! (We’re glad you missed us!)

As promised, we’ve seen some of our favorites states: Tennessee, Georgia, Mississippi. So, in the coming weeks, we’ll be bringing you highlights of our favorite points of the trip. Of course, through all the iPod playlists, references to the map, and snack breaks, we were thinking of you, friends and readers!

On the road again…