What We’re Into: Spring 2014 Edition

24 03 2014

Charleston honey

Local Honey

I’ve learned my lesson. When the Farmer’s Market closes down for the winter next year, I’ll buy twice as much honey as I think I need. I’m rationing out the last of my remaining nectar, and counting the days until the Farmer’s Market returns. With the pollen starting to coat my windows, cars, and patio furniture, I’m gonna need the rumored health benefits of some delicious local honey in battling spring allergies. Stock up! After all, it never goes bad.

bee glasses

Ballard’s Bee Drinking Glasses

Speaking of honey bees, why not sip your sweet tea from gorgeous glasses featuring a subtle French bee? Did y’all know that Ballard Designs is headquartered in Atlanta?



Is there anything more beautiful or more Southern than a big batch of hydrangea flowers gracing your home? Decorate with this delicate bloom while you can, and then when the heat of summer gets to your bushes, you can enjoy them all year around with this Diane James silk bouquet.


What are y’all into this spring?




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