Tuesday Tip: Water Pressure

11 02 2014

We love vinegar as a household cleaning product. So, here’s another use for you…

We’ve all seen commercials for those cleansers that clean and de-clog your showerhead, but a cup of vinegar will do just the same, naturally and without harsh chemicals. Pour into a ziplock bag that will fit over your showerhead, rubber band it to the top so the head is immersed in the vinegar and leave it for a couple hours. Now just rinse away, and voila… a clean and smooth-running shower head!

Tuesday Tips: Beautiful Bathroom Spruces, Part IX

11 06 2013

Image via Desire to Inspire

How is your bathroom sprucing up? If you’ve been following our Tuesday Tips lately, hopefully you’re bathrooms are becoming an oasis of calm and beauty in this necessary room.

  • How fun are these bathroom hooks for towels or robes? Just one more place to personalize your space.
  • If you’re doing a bit more than just the cosmetic spruce in your bathroom, the ultimate dream in my bathroom world would be heated floors. Can you imagine that torturous moment of stepping off the bathmat turning into the pure heaven of a warm smooth surface? Well, I’m going to dream for a few more years, but it’s on my list!
  • Up until now, we’ve practically ignored one whole sensory experience in the powder room – sound! Unless you count running water, our bathrooms have been surprisingly quiet. Until now, that is. Invest in a pretty battery-powered radio for the bathroom. I can just imagine waking the day to my favorite jams, or settling in for the evening with strains from the classical station. (A practical bonus, I don’t know about y’all, but somehow the interior placement of the bathroom has always been our “emergency plan” room for bad weather. Having a radio is essential for listening to the latest news when storms are heading your way, so now, it’s one less thing you have to grab when gathering up the family in the middle of the night. While you’re at it, tuck a few extra batteries in a drawer. You’ve already got towels and a first aid kit, right? You’re practically stocked for the season right there!)

Tuesday Tips: Beautiful Bathroom Spruces, Part VIII

4 06 2013
  • towels


  • While I’m a Southern girl in love with color, something about the bathroom has to be neutral and fresh to me. My secret when it comes to towels? Cream for me, sand-colored for “his,” and white for the guest bathroom. They can all mix-and-match beautifully. And, if they happen to discontinue one certain brand when you need to replenish your stock, you can always go with various hues in the same family – from off white to cream to sand, they’ll always look deliberate and chic.
  • But when it comes to my washcloths, I’ll only use black. I learned this little tip from Garance. Between lipstick and mascara, a girl can never keep a light colored washcloth looking anything other than dingy. What Southern lady doesn’t put on some color? So, keep it chic and go with black.
  • You can just really never have too many bath linens, can you? I love giving monogrammed robes, hand towels, bath mats, or other linen as gifts. Wanting to make a special homemade gift for a June bride — how about this pattern for a sweet bath wrap?
  • Remember our little trick to show your loved ones how warmly you feel about them? What if you could have the luxury of a warm towel everyday? How about installing a towel warmer to indulge? These would do the job!

Tuesday Tips: Beautiful Bathroom Spruces, Part VII

28 05 2013
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Today, we continue our desire for the perfect bathroom. We hope these, and our previous tips, help you achieve your beautiful bathroom.

  • Let’s talk about towels, shall we? While I love a regular bath towel size for most days, when it comes time to step out of a relaxing soak in the tub, nothing matches a six-foot bath sheet, does it?
  • Want to really show your loved ones how special they are? As soon as your honey or little ones hop into the bath, stick their towel in the dryer for 5 minutes and return it just as they are about to emerge. What better to come out of a relaxing shower to than a warm, fluffy towel? Maybe they’ll return the favor someday!
  • Washclothes, loofahs, bath brushes – we all have our favorite cleaning agent. But for those of us that can’t get enough of the coast, what about keeping a basket of sea sponges near the bath for sloughing away the day. The feel unbelievably soft, and remind us of our favorite place to take a soak – the ocean!
  • When it comes to storage, I am a fan of the old-fashioned medicine cabinet. Not only does it keep all those essentials such as sunscreen, deodorant, make-up brushes, and q-tips near-at-hand, but it also hides away behind a handy mirror in wall to keep your products dry, fresh, and out of sight. If you can find a three-sided mirror, not only does this allow maximum space, but you can also turn out both sides to get good hair views and full face light. Double duty function!
  • Back to my favorite antique stores this weekend — if your bathroom space allows, seek out a small chair to stack extra towels on. Or if you’re tastes are more modern, this Louis Ghost Chair would hold up well to the moisture of the bath. Provide a sweet space to give yourself a pedicure and relax while the polish is drying. We’ve spent so much time making our bathrooms pretty, why rush out, dear readers?

Tuesday Tips: Beautiful Bathroom Spruces, Part V

14 05 2013
bath pictures

Image via Southern Living

Continuing on our pursuit of a beautiful bathroom, this week we offer up these tips…

  • I love a long, hot steamy shower. But I’ve been known to need to use the mirror from time to time directly after having a shower. And the gentlemen like to shave while the pores are open and freshly washed. So who knew there was spray to keep us from having to wipe down the mirror — did y’all know about this genius spray to keep up your mirrors from fogging?
  • It’s time to tackle the linen closet. Don’t forget about your storage when sprucing your bathing space. Nothing defeats a relaxing hot shower or bath like then having to search for your favorite lotion or discover you’re altogether out of your hair gel! (I like to keep extra toothbrushes, deodorants, and disposable razors on hand for guests anyway. Aren’t these the items you’re apt to forget? I sure can!) But I sure don’t want everything to be stacked on top of one another or spilling out every time I open the cabinet door. One of my very favorite online stores to get lost in is the Container Store. Take stock, and then stock up on neat boxes and containers to store everything in. (I love these glamorous lacquered boxes.) I hear my DAD’S favorite motto echoing through my head: “A place for everything and everything in its place!” The Japanese have a tradition each new year that they clean off one shelf and leave it empty. While I can’t imagine such a luxury (hello, I have way too much stuff!), the sentiment behind it I do understand. When we only have room for what is currently in our lives, how can we welcome anything new in? Whether that’s people, gifts, experiences… the metaphor goes on and on.
  • Come up with a system for your bathroom storage that makes sense for you? You’ve got loads of great containers coming your way, don’t you? Now take stock of what you love and use, versus what’s past its best and just taking up space. I like to store the commonly used items on a lower shelf, and those lesser used on the higher shelves. A natural fit if you also keep some of your cleaning supplies in your linen closet, as I do, is to also place a step ladder there for reaching.
  • Now that we’ve cleaned out old products and organized the closets and cabinets. It’s time to replenish our stocks with great new things that refresh and make us happy. These VitaBath scents were recommended to me, and you’re bound to find one that suits you. Perhaps get all three to keep on hand as gifts!
  • Some things are just too pretty to be tucked away in the linen closet. Invest in a great glass table to store those pretty crystal decanters you’ve stored your oils, gels, salts and soaps in. Glass, mirror, or metals are easy to wipe down and keep disinfected in the bathroom. I avoid wood (especially the ever popular wicker) in the bathroom like the black plague. Wood is next to impossible to keep clean with its natural nooks and crannies, and humidity is the enemy of soft wood furniture in the bathroom.

Tuesday Tip: Beautiful Bathroom Spruces, Part III

30 04 2013

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I remember as a girl my parents had a deep sunken marble tub in their master bath that occasionally my mom would let me use. Along with gold-papered walls, her grown-up products, and the privacy all to myself, this luxury is a fond memory.

  • In anticipation of the many relaxing baths you’re sure to enjoy in your spruced-up bathroom, why don’t we all have a few accessories to make the experience more enjoyable. I’m eyeing this bathtub caddy (with a reading rack!) to keep favorite supplies on hand and in reach, as well as a soft pillow to rest on while I enjoy a long soak.
  • If your day promises to be a doozy, why not plan this afternoon to take an hour out of your day to soak in a fresh lemon bath? It’s the perfect antidote to a warm Southern night.
  • Or better yet, set your alarm early to soak in a tub… and here’s the special part – with breakfast. I’ve never been a big one for reading in the tub (it always looks so glamorous, but my magazine always gets soggy or book pages water marked in the end). But who wants just to sit there with their thoughts? So bring a little dish of fruit to nibble and your prettiest glass of juice to sip as you enjoy a soak.
  • I’ve always been extremely picky about shower heads, and one of the first things I make Mr. SIT install when we move into a new house are custom shower heads. These are relatively inexpensive and easy to install, so even if you’re renting, you can easily change out a regular shower head to one you can adjust the pressure on and stretch to suit your body style. I love rinsing my head all the way down to my tippy toes with a shower head that can be moved to wherever it suits. (Makes cleaning a breeze as well!)

And if you missed Part I and Part II of our bathroom spruce ideas, check them out!

Tuesday Tips: Beautiful Bathroom Spruces Part II

23 04 2013

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  • March out and buy a pretty glass container to store your favorite all purpose cleaning product – baking soda. Great for scouring or, if you are so brave, a gentle wash of your hair. This is a fresh supply to keep in the pantry.
  • Ever seen the movie The Seven Year Itch? Those fluffy bubbles are no secret. They come from Cassey-Maswell almond oil bubble bath. This makes a great gift to keep on hand (or for yourself when the occasion calls for it)!
  • Or here’s a good recipe for a simple homemade stash of bath salts to keep on hand.
  • On the days I scour and clean my bathtub, I like to take advantage of knowing how sparkling it is to indulge in a great soak to relax that night.
  • Upon graduation from high school, some dear friends gifted me with a set of gorgeous robes – a white waffle robe for the warmer seasons, and a sumptuous cream terrycloth robe for the chilly months to take off to college. Monogrammed, like any good Southern gift, of course! Will y’all believe that I still have both of those? And what’s more, they still look as new. A robe doesn’t have to be terribly expensive, but if you invest in quality, it will last you 10 years and counting. Head out and do the same for you and the mister — isn’t it high time you had a luxurious, grown-up robe or dressing gown of your own?
  • Invest in some great art to hang in the bathroom. Well-framed art can last in a bathroom for years. The bathroom would be a beautiful private place to hang a tasteful nude. You know how crazy I am about Southern artist Adam Benet Shaw. He does some beautiful nudes. Check out Etsy to support up-and-coming artists, or browse a local gallery. If you’re nervous about fine art mixing with high humidity, try placing a cluster of inexpensive prints in black and white for visual interest. Why shouldn’t your eyes have something to rest on during the time you spend in the restroom? If you were lucky (or unlucky enough, depending on which angle you’re looking at it from) enough to get a tax refund, I have a friend who uses his as a yearly excuse to invest in some good art and support an artist he’s been eyeing all year – what a great tradition!

And if you missed it, check out our tips from last week.