Things I THINK I’ll Miss

24 02 2010

I keep saying I feel like I’m moving to a foreign country. It’s not to say I’m not excited. I certainly am. We spent a couple of months in California when husband and I were first married, and it was beautiful and such an adventure! But right now, I’m not in the new things, new places, new folks stage. I’m in the farewell stage. Farewell to my friends, farewell to my first little home with the gorgeous hardwood floors, farewell to all my restaurants and dishes I know and love and crave. (And hello to living in a hotel for a month… Could be an adventure in and of itself — though living in such close quarters with hubby kinda makes me smile.)

So, in the spirit of moping collectively, can I share with y’all some of the things I think I’ll miss? I’m anticipating I’ll be missing so much more, but here’s my top ten list of things I’ll miss about the South. Of course, I’m sure once I get there, I’ll find a whole host of things I didn’t even realize I’d miss.

  • A church on every corner. While sometimes I complain that there’s a lot of churches, and not always a lot of evidence (pointing the finger right back at my human self!), I’ll miss living in the Bible belt.
  • Chick-fil-A. I keep teasing that the first thing I Googled as soon as we found out, was whether or not there was a Chick-fil-A in Monterey. There’s not. So if any of y’all want to overnight be a bag of nuggets and waffle fries, I’m open to that anytime.
  • SEC sports fever. From what I understand, folks don’t name their children after college football stars out there. What’s up with that?
  • This isn’t specific to the South, but I’m REALLY freaking out about not living in the Central or Eastern time zone. I really don’t want to be 3 hours behind when they drop the ball on New Year’s.
  • Heat. Most of y’all will think I’m crazy, but I like to be hot. I’d much rather “glow” than shiver.
  • The Atlantic Ocean. I know the rocky crags of the Pacific beaches are majestic and beautiful, but I still love my pure, flat sandy beaches.
  • Those Southern accents. Mmm, smooth as butter. Don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll get laughed at a lot for saying “y”all.”
  • Living near my family. Even though we’re already not in the same city, it’s still driving distance. And have I ever mentioned my (former) debilitating fear of planes? Well, I’m just gonna have to get over that if I want to see my Momma!
  • Becky. Speaking of loved ones. I’m going to miss my other blogging-girl half. What y’all may not know is that we literally sit across the office from each other. I can look up from my desk and see her any time I want. While we mostly go about our business and do our own thing, I’ll miss just having her there to say, “Hey, did you see someone commented!” (See, y’all, your comments really do mean a lot to us!
  • Sweet Iced Tea. No, not here… I’ll always have that. I’ll miss that glorious beverage that plagues me with those constant extra 5 lbs. I remember the first time I sat down in a pizza place in San Diego, asked for Sweet Tea, and the lady looked at me, so confused and said, “You mean? We have some raspberry tea?” Thank you, Ms. Linda, for my Iced Tea Maker. It will find a prominent place on my counter!

If y’all had to be away from the South (or perhaps you’re a northernly friend reading in on Southern life), what would you miss most?