Road Trip: Oxford, The Grove

5 11 2009

Oxford the grove 3

So the first stop on our main event (well, after we finally got off the exit and found a parking space–all part of the experience!) trip to Oxford, Mississippi was The Grove.

A  picturesque park in the middle of campus, this heart of Ole Miss is tailgating headquarters during football season.

Thousands of tailgaters bring their tents, “refreshments,” and friends out rain or shine and party until the game starts. And plenty of others keep on going through the game, bringing elaborate televison and sound systems to make sure to watch the game.

Oxford the grove 2

Oxford the grove

If you’re going to spend time in Oxford, the Grove is an absolute must. You’ll never see anything like it. Make sure you wear your Sunday best. You’ll see many more prim dresses and gentlemen in ties than you will t-shirts and hoodies. All part of the Southern charm!

Oxford the grove 1