Southern Music Week: Todd Lowe of Pilbilly Knights

6 07 2010

If I can’t be Nancy Drew, then my next pick is to be Rory, from Gilmore Girls. I was always jealous of the cute town Rory lived in, Stars Hollow, how well-versed she was in about every book ever written, and… her best friend Lane, the coolest girl around. Lane grew up to marry Zach, who happens to be, in real-life world, Todd Lowe (some of you might know him as Terry in True Blood, but I’m not allowed to watch anything with vampires).

In addition, Todd has played characters in some of the most popular shows on television also including NCIS, Without a Trace, and Walker Texas Ranger (that’s for you, momma).

But what you might not know about Mr. Lowe is that he hails from our own Southern state of Texas! He’s a Hollywood boy now, but he grew up near Houston, in Humble. He got his start acting in high school and has a BFA from UT Austin.

Not only does Zach, er, uh Todd act on screen and on stage, but he’s a musician (as all good Texas boys should be), and plays with a band called the Pilbilly Knights. I just love a good band name, don’t you? They’ve been playing together for six years, including drummer and fellow Texan childhood friend, James Ellis Lane.

Todd plays the guitar each Thursday night in Los Angeles at Territory BBQ. Pick up their CD, released in 2007, California Nigth Club.