Design Sponge Southern Book Tour

6 10 2011

We all love our Design Sponge. The crafts, ideas, and just general things of interest I gleaned since adding Design Sponge to my reader program years ago has been incredible.  Grace Bonney and her crew, being the crafty and super smart people that they are, published a book this year.  The book is simply amazing. Seriously Martha Stewart better watch out, Design Sponge is the heart beat of the people!

In case you are lucky enough to live in or close by any of these great southern cities, make sure you stop in to buy your book, or get your book signed. Many of the cities are also hosting crafts as well, but you must RSVP (I know all of our southern ladies will of course).

Have a blast out there and craft away!

October 13Dallas, Texas

October 15Austin, Texas  

October 24Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina 

October 25Asheville, North Carolina

October 26Charleston, South Carolina 

October 27 – Savannah, Georgia

November 1 – Birmingham, Alabama

November 2Athens, Georgia.  

November 3 – Atlanta


King of Pops

14 07 2010

Image from Bakerella

Many of you may not know that before I was unemployed a homemaker, I worked for a bit in finance for Morgan Keegan in retirement accounts. I loved everything about finance. But I can’t blame this guy one bit for trading in analyzing accounts for freezing fruit.

When Steven was laid off from AIG, he turned lemons into, well, popsicles. The King of Pops sells gourmet popsicles from his cart in Atlanta. He purchases all his ingredients fresh from the farmer’s markets. He loves being a part of the local business, and providing the best product. Some of his favorite pops are mango habenero, mango chili, chocolate sea salt, and other unusual combinations. I can imagine it might be scary to leave a steady office job to sell frozen treats on the sidewalk, but Steven says he’s happier and plans to stick with his newfound vocation. He was recently featured on CNN so go on over and watch his video then see if you can track down the King of Pops.

With the heatwave hitting HOTlanta, you’ll be happier too, if you’re anywhere near his stand this summer, make sure you try a taste. To find out where he’ll be next, follow him on Twitter to see where he’ll be in Atlanta on any given day.

If you’re not in the Atlanta area, you’ll just have to try your hand at making your own frozen popsicles.

Fox Brothers Bar-B-Q

30 06 2010

Have you ever eaten so much that you are literally in pain afterwards? It is a practice that I am not too proud of but whenever barbeque (BBQ, Bar-B-Q) is around, I find myself unable to stop eating.  Exhaustion, laziness, and inevitably draw string pants follow this binge eating.  Dinner at Fox Brothers Bar-B-Q in Atlanta, Georgia resulted in all of the responses above and in my sincere thankfulness for draw string. 

Near Little Five Points in Atlanta, Fox Brothers made the MSN top ten list of barbeque joints in the United States and continues to win local awards and awards from larger groups such as Zagat.   While the wait can be long, and the parking spots few, you can enjoy a cold beverage outside while dreaming about your upcoming meal.  A word to the wise, don’t have too many beverages, as you will want to save room for the barbeque (it is real good). 

We gorged ourselves on fried pickles, pulled pork, Brunswick stew, macaroni and cheese (the shell variety), collards, French fries, and as you can see too much food.  Nevertheless, it was delicious and while it was only nine in the evening when we left, I was ready for bed immediately.  If you are anything like me, you might want to plan for an immediate bedtime instead of planning a night out afterwards.  Believe me, you won’t make it far!

Just in case you cannot make it to Fox Brothers Bar-B-Q restaurant, but you live in Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee and the Carolina’s you can find Fox Brothers Bar-B-Q sauce at Whole Foods.

The Porter Beer Bar

21 06 2010

It was a busy night in Atlanta. The Sweetwater festival was in full swing, as was the Dogwood and Film festival.  People crammed themselves into restaurants attempting to recover from a full day of drinking and being outdoors.  It was the third night of our trip and I was becoming tired from so much activity, my life is relatively quiet, but this was the “big dinner” night and I was excited. 

“Big dinner,” usually equates to spending a little more money, sitting a bit longer than usual and generally just experiencing something new.  On this busy Atlanta evening, I wanted to go nowhere other than the Porter Beer Bar in Little Five Points.  Even though serving food and beer has been around for centuries, Gastropubs are on the forefront of restaurant trends.  Gastropubs usually serve only microbrewery and specialty beers, both domestic and imported, along with food that has a bit more flare than potato skins and chips and salsa.  While bar food has its place (from freezer to microwave), it is a thrill to engage my palate is something a bit more complex. 

Our dinner fate seemed gloomy as we approached the restaurant only to see the tables and crowds spilled out onto the sidewalk.  To my surprise a table was available for seating.  All I could do was look up at the sky and give a wink to the big man up there.  He knows the desires of my heart. 

With an appetizer of salt and vinegar popcorn and a light German beer, the feeling of satisfaction began to roll over me in waves.  The Porter is decorated with lots of old luggage, everything is a bit dark, and yet it was intimate, our server was personable and full of suggestions (which was important because the beer list was HUGE, over 300 beers) and it is the kind of place you dream about owning.  Our dinners included Korean BBQ sandwiches (according to boyfriend, the best sandwich he has ever eaten), an incredible pasta dish with butter beans, and a white wine sauce, fish and chips and of course, beautiful, flavorful beer. 

The Porter Beer Bar is definitely a great pic if you are headed to Atlanta any time soon.  The people watching alone is worth the trip.

Radial Cafe Atlanta

7 06 2010

Breakfast in the morning, breakfast in the noontime, breakfast at suppertime.

I love breakfast food.  It truly is a comfort food to me, and in my family we call having breakfast at dinner, “brinner.”  Go ahead; you can use it as well.  Sadly, my little area of the south doesn’t have too many breakfast places.  There are a couple of options, but you leave smelling like a fryer or they opt out of organic products (with the exception of the Cool Moose Café in Jacksonville).  It is a sad dilemma for me. 

As a result, when visiting Atlanta last month we were so excited to experience Radial Cafe.  Nestled In a former industrial area just outside Little Five Points and Inman Park, Radial Café serves American style food with varying influences depending upon the season, and what I imagine to be the mood of the chef.  Local and organic items can be found on the menu and it is one of the few restaurants in Georgia to be a member of the Green Restaurant Association

With both indoor and outdoor patio seating, Radial Café is often full of hungry patrons, but don’t fret. The wait is never too long and they serve lunch and have weekend brunch options.  Just in case you were wondering, I had the all American breakfast with eggs, bacon, toast and a side of my southern grits one day.  We liked it so much, that we returned another day and I ordered Nutella French toast. 

Is anyone hungry yet?

picture from

Six Feet Under, Atlanta

26 05 2010

Six Feet Under.  When I first read or hear those words, I instantly think of the very popular HBO series.  I would have never thought it to be the name of a restaurant.  However, knowing that it is located across from the Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta, Georgia the name makes a bit more sense.  Personally, I find that be very clever. Creepy, but clever. 

Both the Oakland Cemetery and Six Feet Under are situated in the Grant Park area of Atlanta and overlook the railroad and the Atlanta skyline from a distance (you know that is my favorite).  While creepy at night, cemeteries can be truly beautiful places and the Oakland Cemetery is no different. Tourists flock here, and if you are lucky enough to be seated on the rooftop deck of Six Feet Under, you can enjoy your meal, watch the tourists and search for the most beautiful headstones from the comfort of your chair.  

The Six Feet Under menu has a wide appeal and I imagine almost anyone can find something to enjoy, whether a burger, fish sandwich, fried baskets or other southern fare.  On the weekends, they also have a spectacular Bloody Mary bar.  While parking can be limited, Six Feet Under is a great place to grab a sandwich, a drink, and enjoy the breeze on the upstairs desk, all the while being reminded that you are well and alive and not pushing up daisies across the street.   

Atlanta’s Inman Park

13 05 2010

A few weeks ago boyfriend and I visited Atlanta. Inman Park is definitely one of my favorite areas. The historic homes are beautiful with all of their porches, screen doors and shade trees.  Sigh! It is lovely. 

Here are some of the pictures we took around Inman Park.  Happy Thursday!