Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2014

1 02 2014

Looking for a gift for your sweetie this year? Look no further. We’ve got plenty of suggestions here for you!


The old saying goes “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” But let’s be real here, man or woman, food and love are pretty close to a Southerner.

Start the day by making your mister or missus these pretty pancakes served with heart-shaped fruit kabobs.

ham and fig heart sandwich

Image via Pinterest (click to link)

Lunch is a Ham and Fig sandwich with Goat Cheese. If you pack a lunch for your main man, along with Goldfish snack crackers, and a funny note that reads “You’re the only one in the Sea for me!” (There are lots of ideas for lunch packed snacks on this Southern Belle’s blog that would be perfect for the kiddos, any day of the year.)

heart straws

Sip a pre-dinner drink through this sweet heart straws.

Serve a creamy alfredo over this homemade ravioli for a romantic dinner.

And dessert is a rich Red Velvet Hot Chocolate.

heart tea cups

Then sip a warm cup of before-bed tea from these fancy cups, which secretly hide a heart in your cuppa.

Jewelry  Sure, sure. You could go with the classics — diamonds and pearls will never steer you wrong.

Or remind your gal of Cupid’s arrows with this Arrow Necklace from Stella & Dot.

petit amour necklace

Give her a little piece of your heart along with this ‘petit amour’ necklace on Etsy.


Tutorial by Coco + Kelley (click image to link)

Tutorial by Coco + Kelley (click image to link)

Set the table with fresh flowers set in mugs bearing a special message, perhaps your initials or your anniversary month.

If your gal or guy is a sports fan, send a bouquet inspired by your team colors.

Just For Fun

Keep things light with a bouquet of red heart balloons.

love potion

Ever wanted to give your crush a Love Potion? Well, now you can.

You’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day, but a heart-shaped umbrella makes for a cheery present.

Homemade  Sometimes the most meaningful gifts, money can’t buy.

Love a word-nerd? Buy a dictionary, then go through and circle all the words that remind you of him/her — happy, love, like, sweet, intelligent, couple, pair, hope. What words would you highlight?

Spruce up her favorite tea bags by adding a little heart tag, or a fun message (this would make a fun gift for girlfriends).

kiss art

Keep it simple, silly. Playful, romantic… a kiss says it all. Slap on some lipstick, and leave smacks all over for your love to create memorable and personal art. I actually did this once each day when my Mr. SIT was away, and by the time he returned, he had a visual reminder that he was thought of as I saved all my kisses just for him.

A little red ink, plus your own two thumbs are all you’ll need to show your heart. (This would be sweet to have your little ones do for mom or dad, grandma, or their school friends as an art project.)

How do you tell your mate they are your perfect match? How about a practical little token to show he lights up your life — matches.

Cards  And what’s a heart-felt gift without a little note to say what’s in your deepest sentiments?

Another variation on the match theme — a handmade Perfect Match card.

Call your mister or lady a cutsie name like “Love Bug?” Well, this unconventional card will bring a smile.

arrow Valentine's card

Take a page from Paul & Julia Child and send out Valentine’s Day cards together as a couple. These would be so cute.

What to Wear

Need a little red dress for a date night out? Rent the Runway with this subtle, but flirty number.

If the night gets cold, keep your hands warm with these chic gloves.




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