What We’re Into: Winter Edition

6 01 2014
The holidays are over, and I don’t know about y’all, but I need a few rays of sunshine in the dead of winter. Here are a few of our favorite things at the moment.
Southerners Handbook
  • We can’t start off our list this season with anything less than the new book by Garden & Gun, The Southerner’s Handbook. It’s full of just the sort of tips that Southerners know, but just in case your daddy never took you hunting or your momma didn’t teach you the perfect way to make deviled eggs (or even if she did), our friends over at G & G have you covered.
  • I’ll make an admission if y’all promise not to hold it against me. Until recently, I had never read Eudora Welty, practically the matriarch of Southern literature. But once I started, I couldn’t get enough of her.
  • A more modern southern writer I’ve just discovered is Tayari Jones. I loved her Silver Sparrow, but The Untelling was good too.
DayJarView three
  • With the days short and the nights cold, warm hearts by inviting a group of friends over for a regular game night. One of my favorites is a simple game, Apples to Apples. It’s the perfect mix of social get-to-know you for new acquaintances and relaxed hilarity with old friends.
  • My go to gift whenever I need something special for someone who has everything is Etsy seller DayJarView. It’s truly the gift that keeps on giving. Your friend or mom will think of you every morning as she gets to open a sweet quote that, no matter what it says, says “I’m thinking of you.”
green apple
  • Winter is hard on dry lips, but I’m crazy about the Green Apple chapstick. It’s light and protective with SPF. Plus, it just smells so good!
  • My mom got me hooked on peppermint oil for my sinuses. If I’m feeling a little congested, I’ll rub a little on my temples. But there are so many uses for this essential oil.



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