Tuesday Tips: Beautiful Bathroom Spruces, Part VIII

4 06 2013
  • towels


  • While I’m a Southern girl in love with color, something about the bathroom has to be neutral and fresh to me. My secret when it comes to towels? Cream for me, sand-colored for “his,” and white for the guest bathroom. They can all mix-and-match beautifully. And, if they happen to discontinue one certain brand when you need to replenish your stock, you can always go with various hues in the same family – from off white to cream to sand, they’ll always look deliberate and chic.
  • But when it comes to my washcloths, I’ll only use black. I learned this little tip from Garance. Between lipstick and mascara, a girl can never keep a light colored washcloth looking anything other than dingy. What Southern lady doesn’t put on some color? So, keep it chic and go with black.
  • You can just really never have too many bath linens, can you? I love giving monogrammed robes, hand towels, bath mats, or other linen as gifts. Wanting to make a special homemade gift for a June bride — how about this pattern for a sweet bath wrap?
  • Remember our little trick to show your loved ones how warmly you feel about them? What if you could have the luxury of a warm towel everyday? How about installing a towel warmer to indulge? These would do the job!



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