Tuesday Tips: Beautiful Bathroom Spruces, Part VII

28 05 2013
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Today, we continue our desire for the perfect bathroom. We hope these, and our previous tips, help you achieve your beautiful bathroom.

  • Let’s talk about towels, shall we? While I love a regular bath towel size for most days, when it comes time to step out of a relaxing soak in the tub, nothing matches a six-foot bath sheet, does it?
  • Want to really show your loved ones how special they are? As soon as your honey or little ones hop into the bath, stick their towel in the dryer for 5 minutes and return it just as they are about to emerge. What better to come out of a relaxing shower to than a warm, fluffy towel? Maybe they’ll return the favor someday!
  • Washclothes, loofahs, bath brushes – we all have our favorite cleaning agent. But for those of us that can’t get enough of the coast, what about keeping a basket of sea sponges near the bath for sloughing away the day. The feel unbelievably soft, and remind us of our favorite place to take a soak – the ocean!
  • When it comes to storage, I am a fan of the old-fashioned medicine cabinet. Not only does it keep all those essentials such as sunscreen, deodorant, make-up brushes, and q-tips near-at-hand, but it also hides away behind a handy mirror in wall to keep your products dry, fresh, and out of sight. If you can find a three-sided mirror, not only does this allow maximum space, but you can also turn out both sides to get good hair views and full face light. Double duty function!
  • Back to my favorite antique stores this weekend — if your bathroom space allows, seek out a small chair to stack extra towels on. Or if you’re tastes are more modern, this Louis Ghost Chair would hold up well to the moisture of the bath. Provide a sweet space to give yourself a pedicure and relax while the polish is drying. We’ve spent so much time making our bathrooms pretty, why rush out, dear readers?



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