Southern Fort: Fort Frederick

23 05 2013

Natural Beauty at Fort Frederick Preserve

Built by the British between 1730 and 1734, Fort Frederick was designed to defend against a possible attack from the Spanish at St. Augustine. It measures only 125 feet by 75 feet, but held a battery and cannon along the east wall and a magazine and barracks in the interior, which was garrisoned by a company of foot British Regulars until their transfer to Georgia in 1736.

Located near Beaufort, South Carolina, the fort remains the oldest tabby fort. Artifact collecting, digging and metal detecting are not allowed on the preserve, since climbing or walking on the fort can lead to deterioration of this cultural resource. So while it is currently closed to the public, this beautiful and historic landmark may be arranged to be visited by calling for an arranged tour. A committee to conduct preserve maintenance and other stewardship activities has been formed to benefit the preserve.




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