Tuesday Tips: Beautiful Bathroom Spruces, Part VI

21 05 2013


We’ve been sprucing our bathrooms for the last few weeks. Join us in the pursuit of a beautiful bathroom!

  • I’ve discovered that whenever I find a new favorite lotion or cream, it’s got one common ingredient – Shea Butter. This magical skin butter comes in lip balm, lotion, and body creams. Trust me, it’s worth it!
  • Neutrogena Body Oil is made with natural sesame seed. But I bet when you think oil, you think of slicking it on after you emerge from your shower, right? For better moisture, and to let it soak in, moisturize 20 minutes before you plan to hop in a bath or shower, then let it work its magic before you cleanse. Pure bliss.
  • Keep a stock of muslin in your bathroom, along with a spice rack of your favorite scents – dried peppermint, lemon, and rose would go beautifully into a muslin sack tied with pretty ribbon to stir around your bathwater while you steam. Ahhh!
  • When we love those little things – our toothbrush holder, scale, soap dish — doesn’t it make life so much better? Search out a pretty vase, drinking cup, towel holder, and a few other well-designed pretties that serve their purpose well. When you find that thing you just love, it can make you happy to look at every day. I have a confession to make: I absolutely love my wastebaskets. Throughout my house, I have stainless steel, step-pedaled trash cans in various sizes. I’ve got to tell you, they’re not an inexpensive choice, but they are so easy to wipe down, they last forever, and I’m a big fan of trash with a top on it that you don’t have to touch.



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