Tuesday Tips: Beautiful Bathroom Spruces, Part V

14 05 2013
bath pictures

Image via Southern Living

Continuing on our pursuit of a beautiful bathroom, this week we offer up these tips…

  • I love a long, hot steamy shower. But I’ve been known to need to use the mirror from time to time directly after having a shower. And the gentlemen like to shave while the pores are open and freshly washed. So who knew there was spray to keep us from having to wipe down the mirror — did y’all know about this genius spray to keep up your mirrors from fogging?
  • It’s time to tackle the linen closet. Don’t forget about your storage when sprucing your bathing space. Nothing defeats a relaxing hot shower or bath like then having to search for your favorite lotion or discover you’re altogether out of your hair gel! (I like to keep extra toothbrushes, deodorants, and disposable razors on hand for guests anyway. Aren’t these the items you’re apt to forget? I sure can!) But I sure don’t want everything to be stacked on top of one another or spilling out every time I open the cabinet door. One of my very favorite online stores to get lost in is the Container Store. Take stock, and then stock up on neat boxes and containers to store everything in. (I love these glamorous lacquered boxes.) I hear my DAD’S favorite motto echoing through my head: “A place for everything and everything in its place!” The Japanese have a tradition each new year that they clean off one shelf and leave it empty. While I can’t imagine such a luxury (hello, I have way too much stuff!), the sentiment behind it I do understand. When we only have room for what is currently in our lives, how can we welcome anything new in? Whether that’s people, gifts, experiences… the metaphor goes on and on.
  • Come up with a system for your bathroom storage that makes sense for you? You’ve got loads of great containers coming your way, don’t you? Now take stock of what you love and use, versus what’s past its best and just taking up space. I like to store the commonly used items on a lower shelf, and those lesser used on the higher shelves. A natural fit if you also keep some of your cleaning supplies in your linen closet, as I do, is to also place a step ladder there for reaching.
  • Now that we’ve cleaned out old products and organized the closets and cabinets. It’s time to replenish our stocks with great new things that refresh and make us happy. These VitaBath scents were recommended to me, and you’re bound to find one that suits you. Perhaps get all three to keep on hand as gifts!
  • Some things are just too pretty to be tucked away in the linen closet. Invest in a great glass table to store those pretty crystal decanters you’ve stored your oils, gels, salts and soaps in. Glass, mirror, or metals are easy to wipe down and keep disinfected in the bathroom. I avoid wood (especially the ever popular wicker) in the bathroom like the black plague. Wood is next to impossible to keep clean with its natural nooks and crannies, and humidity is the enemy of soft wood furniture in the bathroom.



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