Tuesday Tip: Beautiful Bathroom Spruces, Part III

30 04 2013

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I remember as a girl my parents had a deep sunken marble tub in their master bath that occasionally my mom would let me use. Along with gold-papered walls, her grown-up products, and the privacy all to myself, this luxury is a fond memory.

  • In anticipation of the many relaxing baths you’re sure to enjoy in your spruced-up bathroom, why don’t we all have a few accessories to make the experience more enjoyable. I’m eyeing this bathtub caddy (with a reading rack!) to keep favorite supplies on hand and in reach, as well as a soft pillow to rest on while I enjoy a long soak.
  • If your day promises to be a doozy, why not plan this afternoon to take an hour out of your day to soak in a fresh lemon bath? It’s the perfect antidote to a warm Southern night.
  • Or better yet, set your alarm early to soak in a tub… and here’s the special part – with breakfast. I’ve never been a big one for reading in the tub (it always looks so glamorous, but my magazine always gets soggy or book pages water marked in the end). But who wants just to sit there with their thoughts? So bring a little dish of fruit to nibble and your prettiest glass of juice to sip as you enjoy a soak.
  • I’ve always been extremely picky about shower heads, and one of the first things I make Mr. SIT install when we move into a new house are custom shower heads. These are relatively inexpensive and easy to install, so even if you’re renting, you can easily change out a regular shower head to one you can adjust the pressure on and stretch to suit your body style. I love rinsing my head all the way down to my tippy toes with a shower head that can be moved to wherever it suits. (Makes cleaning a breeze as well!)

And if you missed Part I and Part II of our bathroom spruce ideas, check them out!




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7 05 2013
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