Tuesday Tips: Beautiful Bathroom Spruces Part II

23 04 2013

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  • March out and buy a pretty glass container to store your favorite all purpose cleaning product – baking soda. Great for scouring or, if you are so brave, a gentle wash of your hair. This is a fresh supply to keep in the pantry.
  • Ever seen the movie The Seven Year Itch? Those fluffy bubbles are no secret. They come from Cassey-Maswell almond oil bubble bath. This makes a great gift to keep on hand (or for yourself when the occasion calls for it)!
  • Or here’s a good recipe for a simple homemade stash of bath salts to keep on hand.
  • On the days I scour and clean my bathtub, I like to take advantage of knowing how sparkling it is to indulge in a great soak to relax that night.
  • Upon graduation from high school, some dear friends gifted me with a set of gorgeous robes – a white waffle robe for the warmer seasons, and a sumptuous cream terrycloth robe for the chilly months to take off to college. Monogrammed, like any good Southern gift, of course! Will y’all believe that I still have both of those? And what’s more, they still look as new. A robe doesn’t have to be terribly expensive, but if you invest in quality, it will last you 10 years and counting. Head out and do the same for you and the mister — isn’t it high time you had a luxurious, grown-up robe or dressing gown of your own?
  • Invest in some great art to hang in the bathroom. Well-framed art can last in a bathroom for years. The bathroom would be a beautiful private place to hang a tasteful nude. You know how crazy I am about Southern artist Adam Benet Shaw. He does some beautiful nudes. Check out Etsy to support up-and-coming artists, or browse a local gallery. If you’re nervous about fine art mixing with high humidity, try placing a cluster of inexpensive prints in black and white for visual interest. Why shouldn’t your eyes have something to rest on during the time you spend in the restroom? If you were lucky (or unlucky enough, depending on which angle you’re looking at it from) enough to get a tax refund, I have a friend who uses his as a yearly excuse to invest in some good art and support an artist he’s been eyeing all year – what a great tradition!

And if you missed it, check out our tips from last week.



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