Food Friday: Okra Combinations

19 04 2013


We’re no strangers to okra around here. As one of the South’s favorite foods — from one of the key ingredients in gumbo to a delicious batch of hot, fried goodness — we’ve featured okra on many a post, and many a dinner plate.

But if you’re looking for a few new ways to incorporate this summer vegetable, we’ve been researching some of the tastiest combinations. So dig into your garden or cupboard for a few new ways to use okra.

Pair with:

Vegetables: Traditional – red bell peppers, green chile peppers, tomatoes; Unexpected – fennel

Starch: Traditional – rice,

corn; Unexpected – potatoes

Meat: Traditional – chicken, shrimp, ham; Unexpected – lamb

Spices & Condiments: Traditional – salt, butter, oil, garlic, lemon juice; Unexpected – vinegar, yogurt

Techniques: Traditional – braise, fry, pickled, saute, stew; Unexpected – grill, steam




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