Tuesday Tips: Beautiful Bathroom Spruces

16 04 2013

In moving, we always have the opportunity to start some new rituals. I’ve been doing lots of reading on how to make a house a home, especially since we chose to move into a new home, which is lovely (storage space!), but also takes a little more effort to stamp with individuality.

Based on inspiration from one of my favorite authors, Alexandra Stoddard, I’ve decided to go room by room, starting with one the most used, and under-appreciated rooms in the house for my first project. We spend a good part of our lives in the bathroom, cleansing and preparing for the day. And hey, yesterday was tax day, so we probably all need a long soak in a nice tub for relaxation!

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So why not make it beautiful? We’ll focus our Tuesday Tips for the next couple months on little spruces to the room we’re not supposed to talk about — your bathroom. I’ll be posting little tips or spruce to enhance or enjoy your bathroom that I’m planning on doing each day – won’t you come along and join me? Pick a little spruce each day or week or month to make your home your sanctuary.

  • If you haven’t yet done a deep spring clean, take this chance to mix up a batch of lovely natural homemade cleaning products. Add a little orange oil and store (well-labeled) in good quality spray bottles.
  • Let’s start with the basics: scent. Who doesn’t love candles? Elegant and soothing, a refreshing scent can add so much to your bathroom ritual. When guests are coming, make sure to light a candle in the guest bath to make the bathrooms feel extra paid attention to. I love a ginger scent (surprise!), citrus, honeysuckle, or cotton are also sweet and fresh to smell. My favorite is peach, but seek out a signature scent and fill your room with it! And, for an unexpected way to enjoy candles while soaking in your evening bath, bring your favorite tapers in from the dining room.
  • Now, onto color… What about picking up a potted plant — a couple of bright primroses or a gardenia for the beautiful smell! Head to your local nursery and introduce moisture-friendly plants into the bathroom. Greenery always makes a space better. And color can make it so much brighter!
  • Need a fun excuse to head to some local antique shops you’ve been meaning to tuck into? Search for a beautiful tray or shallow box to corral all perfumes in. Don’t all things look nicer deliberately stored on a vanity tray or mirror than all strewn about?
  • A pretty clock is nice on the wall, as most of us are getting ready in the morning with a timeline. Tunes can also liven up your morning, so pick up a shower radio, then pick up a microphone, I mean, hairbrush, and start your morning off right.
  • On a maintenance note, I just learned that the fan is especially important in the South. Turn it on when you’re in the shower, and leave on for 20 or 30 minutes afterward to make sure all the humidity has a chance to move freely.
  • Like any Southern lady, I love my products – mouthwash, q-tips, lotions, witch hazel for toning, bubble bath for soaking, face washes, the list goes on and on. But what I don’t love are labels. Every once in a while we get lucky with a pretty product, but most of the time, who wants to see all those bright and mis-matched labels staring up at us each morning? So march right over to your nearest department store or bath specialty supplier and outfit yourself with beautiful bottles and jars with labels to display all those things that make pretty, pretty.
  • If there’s one thing I believe in, it’s good products. I’m as cheapskate sometimes as your Southern grandmomma, but when it comes to gettin’ pretty, I use what I like. So check out my pinboard for some of my favorite beauty products. I stock up on these before I’m running low on to make sure I don’t run out some rushed morning anytime soon. Some of my favorite brands are L’Occitane for skin care, Estee Lauder or L’oreal for makeup, and J.R. Watkins for hand soap. I also love the Container Store for an assortment of lacquered boxes that look pretty, wipe clean, and hold all those odds and ends.



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