Tasting and Living Social in Southern Cities

27 02 2013

Used to be, you had to move to a place like New York, Los Angeles, or Washington D.C. to have access to world-class food, shopping, or culture. Don’t get me wrong, I love these great American cities, but a visit to the Big Apple ain’t got nothing on life in the South.

We’ve been predicting the South’s resurgence (ok, ok, we just mean culturally… don’t get all up in arms). So be sure to take advantage of all your city has to offer. Get involved, look for fashion and restaurant weeks, support local and traveling shows, visit your city’s art museum.

We’ve mentioned one of our favorites, Daily Candy before, but since then, several sites have popped up that give you incentives to take advantage of all your town has to offer.

Be sure to check them out:



Tasting Table (currently in Washington D. C. and Miami, as well as many others)




Living Social (available in Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, Athens, Lexington, New Orleans, Jackson, Charleston, Nashville, and almost every major city)




Groupon (available in Birmingham, Jacksonville, Macon, Charlotte, Savannah, Houston, Richmond and tons more)




Skirkle (currently available in Memphis)





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