Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

9 02 2013

If I’m being honest, Valentine’s Day might just be my favorite holiday. Yes, I do love the meaning and magic of Christmas, and the fireworks and food of Independence Day… but there’s just something so thrilling about a holiday, all done up in red and pink, and solely (or soul-y, pardon the pun) dedicated to love. Attached or not, it’s utterly romantic.

I always love to take the opportunity to send Valentine’s to my best girlfriends far and wide, or little gift packages to anyone whose spirits need lifting. And of course Mr. SIT gets the king’s treatment that day!

So in honor of the day of love, here’s a little gift guide of our top 14 favorite small treats for February 14th…


valentines - sugar


1. Sugar Sweet Valentine — It shouldn’t come as a surprise that we here are fond of anything sugary sweet. But beyond our glasses of tea, what could be cuter than sending a message to your honey that they are the sweetest thing in your life!


valentines - pencil


2. Pencil Arrow Valentine — This would be just the “shot in the arm” for a school mate or co-worker. What a cute, simple, and inexpensive homage to the patron cherub of V-day, Cupid.


valentines - burt's bees


3. Burt’s Bees Valentine — This valentine will have all your pals “buzzing.” A simple gesture for casual acquaintances, or a subtle hint for a crush to get thinking about kissabley soft lips.


valentines - i love you heart


4. I Love You Heart Art — If you’re more into black and white than pink and red, this piece would make a sweet addition to your room all year around. Or, take some inspiration and write your own love letter or copy out a favorite poem to your sweetheart in the shape of a heart.


valentines - egg in a hole


5. Egg in a Heart — If you’re more the domestic type, how about making your beloved breakfast on Valentine’s Day morn? I can’t think of a sunnier start to the day than the classic morning meal of eggs and toast. For this variation of egg-in-a-hole, simply cut a heart shape out with a cookie cutter, and fry an egg in the center. A little salt and pepper, touch of butter, and delish!


valentines - beet salad


6. Sweetheart Salad — Use that same heart cookie cutter to shape heart-healthy beets into a salad garnish. Serve it as a first course followed by…

valentines - filet mignon toasts


7. Filet Mignon Garlic Toasts — What lover can resist a bit of tender filet served on French bread? Rich and decadent.


valentines - pizza


8. Valentine Pizza — If you’re more the casual pizza-and-a-film-in-your-pjs couple, crank it up a notch by fashioning your toppings into tiny hearts. A labor of love, to be sure, but well worth the impact.


valentines - brownies


9. Love by Chocolate — No matter your dinner preference, who can resist brownies for dessert? A little red icing on and some sprinkles on top to add a festive flair!


valentines - playing cards


10. Heart Shaped Playing Cards — Play a game of Hearts with these heart cards for a little after-dinner quality time together.


valentines - necklace


11. Red & Pink (& Green) Necklace —  For a sophisticated gift that she’ll treasure long after February has come and gone, go with this timeless strand to sit close to her heart.


valentines - blanket


12. Heart Me Cashmere Blanket — Good things come in small packages, so if the one who has stolen your heart you can literally call “Baby,” wrap him or her in your love with this soft blankie. (Wishing J. Crew would make this in grown-up size!)


valentines - gold heart


13. Heart of Gold Paperweight — Brighten up anyone’s day with a bit of gold to shine on her office desk. She won’t be sorting through work anymore with a heavy heart.


valentines - shoes


14. Bow Bow Red Sole Sandal — For the ultimate gift, this gorgeous pair of shoes by Christian Louboutin. (Or, are they really a gift for him?) Of course, with a pair this beautiful, a night on the town to put your “best foot forward” will be expected.

P.S. – Check out our other holiday gift guides here!




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