Home Sweet Home, or How The South Isn’t the Only Place with Screen Doors

3 11 2012

So, as you may have noticed, I (Ginger, here) have been a little quiet as of late. I think of you often, dear Southern readers. But truth be told, other than the occasional magnolia or Mark Twain spotting, my life as a Southern expatriate has felt a little quiet out here in California. Sure, I get asked three times a week where my Southern accent is from, but Southern inspiration is hard to come by when folks are much more likely to drive a Prius than a pickup truck and steam those vegetables rather than fry them. (I actually once had someone insist to me that there’s no way Southerners actually cook like Paula Deen. I assured him that we do.)

So, that’s why I couldn’t be more excited to share with you SIT readers that… we are moving to Charleston, South Carolina. We announced it slyly on Twitter, but I’m here to tell you that it’s really happening. As of today, we pack up the Bluebird, well, too many pairs of shoes, a lot of great music, and head out east across the great West, stopping for a little fun in Texas (with stops in Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin), visit some family in Tennessee, and then to our new home in the Holy City where Mr. SIT will accept a new position as an Engineer purchasing for the U.S. Navy.

Do not get me wrong, we’ve had a wonderful time in California. It’s a beautiful state with friendly people. I’ve learned a lot about serving that fried shrimp with a side of sprouts. We found a great church where until the very end, our dear friends in t-shirts and Tevas made fun of us coming to meetin’ in our Sunday dresses and bowties. We tried and failed to find any really good BBQ. We followed around our little slice of bluegrass. We debated the superiority of the SEC to the Pac-12 with friends. We never sweated or had frizzy hair. Yeah, it wasn’t all bad.

But, we can’t wait to be home. The South is home. We can hop in a car and visit family and friends, gain back those 10 pounds from access to delicious Chick-fil-a and sweet tea, and be on the correct time zone for heaven’s sake!

So, expect to be hearing a lot more from me as I reaclimate to life in the South. After our visit to Charleston this spring, I fell in love with its coastal beauty, architecture, and endless options of delicious food. And we can’t wait to get to know gorgeous South Carolina a little better. I’ve been pinning up a storm, all the things I want to do and see around South Carolina (leave your suggestions for me in the comments)!

Here we come, South! There’s no place like home.

Our screen door at our little apartment we stayed in for a month in Los Angeles.




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