Beach House

16 05 2012

We like a lot of different music around here at Sweet Iced Tea. For example, my playlist includes everything from bluegrass, classic rock, classical, indie pop (that is one genre people), jazz, Christian, etc…  Last week, Peter and I went to see Beach House.  No, that is not a house on the beach, it is a band.

Based out of Baltimore, Maryland, Beach House is hard to place in one genre (as are many bands these days).  It is moody, with ups and downs that transition slowly throughout each track.  The instrumental and synthesized sounds, on their newest album, “Bloom,” and the vocals of lead singer, Victoria Legrand can take you on a listening party journey, if time permits. However, this album is wonderful in that you don’t have to sit and listen for hours trying to discover song meaning, or turn down the volume for bits that are so overpowering you find yourself jumping. This is the perfect album to turn on, start a new recipe in the kitchen, and pour yourself a glass of wine.  Soon enough you will find yourself singing harmony. Well, ok, that might just be me.  It is an album that would make a fantastic movie soundtrack in its entirety, but for now it might just be the perfect soundtrack to your evening.

Here are a couple of upcoming shows in our neck of the woods:

July 9th – Tulsa, Oklahoma

July 12th – Memphis, Tennessee

July 13-15th – Louisville, Kentucky

For a limited time you can also listen to the entire album, “Bloom” on NPR.

<picture was taken at the show in Jacksonville Beach, Florida and they put on a good show.>




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