Jack Rudy Tonic

14 05 2012


It is with bated breath that I have waited what seems like an eternity for the sale of Jack Rudy Tonic.  It was sold out everywhere by the time I discovered this Charleston made tonic, and it left me well, sad.  Being a girl that loves a good gin and tonic (splash of water and lots of limes please), supporting a local, southern producer is just about the best combination ever. Created by Brooks Retiz, a mixologist at FIG restaurant in Charleston, the Jack Rudy Tonic is back and available for purchase.

Boutique bars and throwback drinks recalling the days of prohibition are making huge splashes in the bar world. Establishments like The Gin Joint in Charleston, SC, echo this trend. The Jack Rudy Cocktail Co. bottling is another throwback with the dark, brown bottle and stamped font of the label.  My masculine and industrial design preferences beckon me with just the bottle, and I know, I know, the tonic (said to be more of a syrup than traditional tonic) will also satisfy.  My bottle has been ordered. Shipping pending. I look forward to sharing the results.

God bless the creative people of the world!




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