Food Friday: Peanuts

11 05 2012

Peanuts. Groundnuts. Georgia nuts. Goober Peas. Whatever you call them, the South loves their peanuts. And we may think we know all there is to know about this snack-time favorite, but here’s something I’ve just recently learned. Did you know that the peanut isn’t really a nut at all? It’s technically a legume, much closer to the bean family, as it grows in the ground istead of on trees as other nuts do. But even though they technically aren’t nuts, they’ve been popular in the Southern U.S. since colonial times.

If you’re buying unshelled nuts, they should have clean, unbroken shells and should not rattle when you shake them. Refrigerate them, wrapped tight for up to 6 months.

Peanuts go great in banana-nut bread, Thai curries and sauces, chocolate bark, and of course, with most any dessert.

King peanut lives on!




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12 05 2012
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[…] talked so much about peanuts yesterday, we didn’t even have time to go into possibly the most popular peanut product […]

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