Tuesday Tip: Consignment Stores

8 05 2012

How many of us are holding on to that great dress or coat because it just doesn’t fit properly, or we’re certain we’ll wear it “someday.”

Gain a little closet space by taking in your used clothing that’s still in good condition (don’t forget hubby’s and kids too).

Most of us have no problem borrowing a great outfit from a girlfriend from time to time. So why is it we shy away from consignment stores? Many times, prices are marked down 75% or more from the original prices. If you shop well and often, you’re bound to find great bargains! If you can find the areas of town where the folks who purchase upscale items live, you’re most likely to score great deals on high-quality items.

I recently saw a friend on my trip to Florida who always looks cute, and swears by the consignment world so she gets double the clothes for her budget. She took me to her favorite haunt and I found many items with the price tags still on. But beware! I saw one blouse I personally owned and recognized from a less-than-couture retailer (cough! Old Navy cough!). It was marked the same price as what I paid for it originally. Despite what my husband says, it pays to know your brand names!




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