2 05 2012

I love horses. How could you not? Majestic, elegant creatures — throughout history, it’s really been horses that have been man’s best friend.

I grew up in Kentucky, so it’s only natural that some of my favorite books and movies starred horses. And they don’t get more beautiful than thoroughbreds.

The fascination with Seabiscuit has never ended.

Most of us are familiar with the Academy-award nominated feature film starring Tobey Maguire and based on the bestseller by Laura Hillenbrand.

But my less-celebrated favorite is The Story of Seabiscuit, featuring Shirley Temple. It includes actual race footage from the famous race against War Admiral.

I think the reason we so resonate with the story of Seabiscuit is that he started out life during the Great Depression in the small town of Paris, Kentucky, small and knobby-kneed — a true underdog. He slept a lot, ate a lot, and became the butt of a lot of stable jokes.

But sometimes it just takes the right match of trainer and jockey to coax a winner to life. And what a winner he was.




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3 05 2012
Man o’ War « Sweet Iced Tea

[…] grandsire to Seabiscuit, owner August Belmont’s wife named a newborn foal Man o’ War, after her 65-year old […]

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