Wedding Gift Guide

26 04 2012

Someone we know is getting married this weekend!

In light of the upcoming popular wedding summer months, I thought we’d offer up a gift guide for original wedding gifts that will appeal to both parts of the couple.

One of my absolute favorite gifts to give is a great set of knives. No kitchen is complete without them. And somehow, while the lady of the house usually does the majority of cooking, it feels like with something as practical and multi-useful as knives, you’re not forgetting the man of the house either.

Mr. SIT was living in Florida for most of our engagement, but when all the loot arrived at our new pad, he was jazzed about a great bbq set gifted by dear friends. And I was jazzed to just whip up some sides from time to time, and leave the grilling to the man.

One of my favorite gifts we received was a waffle maker. I’ve got to admit, I’m usually not a fan of straying too much from the registry, but if you’re a really great friend of the couple, you can sometimes sneak in a fantastic gift that will be much loved and appreciated for years. We love love love our waffle maker. It’s a weekend tradition now in our house. Give it with a box of your favorite pancake mix to complete the package.

Give a date night. China is lovely and appliances are nice, but after everything is put away, and the newlyweds are sitting in their fresh new house, help them make it feel more like a home by gracing them with a date night, complete with a silly board game, a couple of movies, and maybe some snacks for good measure.

One of life’s greatest little pleasures is breakfast (or any meal for that matter) in bed. Pick out a special tray, set of dishes, and vase, and give the elements of a romantic morning meal.

Sexy and comfortable, robes are my absolute favorite luxury. Monogram a set of his and hers robes and/or towels.

For the couple that already has everything, what about a fresh crop of cookbooks to inspire? There are so many great cookbooks, but you can’t go wrong with my go-to Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook (it has everything and gives all the basics).




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