Tuesday Tip: Sly Dial

24 04 2012


So last Tuesday, we shared a secret on how to find a missing cell.

This week, we’re being even more sneaky. Just admit it, there have been times when you needed to let someone know a bit of information, but been dreading the call because you know you just don’t have the time to chat. I love texting, but sometimes for details, there’s just too much typing for my tired little fingers.

Well, we’re here to solve all your problems (or at least give a Tuesday Tips to make it a bit easier).

Enter, SlyDial.

Just dial 267-SLYDIAL, (listen to a short little advertisement — this is how they keep it free, but if you find you’re using the handy service a lot, you can pay for a premium version and skip those pesky things), then at the prompt enter the phone number of the person you want to reach. You’ll be connected directly to their voicemail box, without ringing the phone.

Just think of all the uses.

Perhaps you know Dad’s in a meeting, but you know he’d love to hear your voice. Make sure you’re not the culprit that interrupts the meeting with a ring. Dad doesn’t worry, but he hears your voice!

Or, if you’re like me and in a different time zone as your friends, you can call and leave a sweet message, without worrying that you might wake them up if it’s too late or early.

Like all great new technologies, use respectfully and responsibly. We Southerners gotta keep up our reputation for politeness above all else — even convenience!




One response

25 04 2012
Ally Garner

Oh how cool! How have I not ever heard of SlyDial before now? What a great tip!!

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