The Hunger Games and the South

23 03 2012

I’ve been a fan of Kentucky-boy Josh Hutcherson since Little Manhattan. But now, we have a new Southerner to love in Jennifer Lawrence. Unless you’ve been sleeping in a cave (Hunger Games referrence intended) and haven’t heard, the much-anticipated Hunger Games movie is out today! And, the films were shot in North Carolina. Above is a photo of town Hildebran at Henry River Mill Town (via) along with shot of Peeta from the Hunger Games film. And it’s only fitting, if you read the stories, it’s clear you can piece together which part of right here in the South, near Appalachia country, the different districs are modeled in.

So, if you haven’t already jumped on the bandwagon, we Southerners can highly recommend the books (and I’ll let you know on the movie in about 2 hours 22 minutes).

So, have y’all read the books? What’s your take on the books and latest movies that are taking the world by storm? Will you be watching?

A few more great articles from around the Web on everything from Katniss to Capitol nails to the weather.

From The Weather Hungry for Carolina Climate

From Redoecorating Middle-Earth: Panem in My Backyard (some more great photos of the area)

From the LA Times: Is Jennifer Lawrence a Real Life Katniss Everdeen? (a little something deeper to think about…)

From Hogwarts Professor: Get your Lionsgate Nail Polish for the Opening Ceremonies! Stylist Endorsed, It’s To Die For, Capitol-ites! (ok, while now I’m a little weirded out by the thought, I still really want this nail polish)

Stars Hutcherson and Lawrence even told the Lexington Herald-Leader yesterday they’re into March Madness and (wisely) cheer for the University of Kentucky Cats!

Lot’s of great movies have been shot in the South. Check out some of Sweet Iced Tea’s picks and Garden and Gun magazine’s favorites.




2 responses

23 03 2012
Ally Garner

I think I’m one of the few that hasn’t read the Hunger Games series. It’a a little too macabre for my tastes, but as a resident North Carolinian I’m thrilled it was filmed here! I hope the film shows the beauty & grandeur of this glorious slice of Southern Heaven and I really hope folks decide to come to Carolina for a little vaca 🙂

23 03 2012

You know, Ally — I loved the books, and the movie was really good, very true to the story, but it was harder for some reason for me to watch. I think it was the difference between me having to visualize, rather than imagine, the concepts. Definitely take a look at the nail polish link up there… I think it makes a good point about how careful we have to be about critically thinking about even a guilty pleasure of some fiction.

These could easily romanticize the violence, and I don’t blame anyone at all who doesn’t care to read them.

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