Food Friday: Cooking Eggs

23 03 2012

There are so many different ways to enjoy eggs — scrambled, poached, baked, pickled. It’s hard to pick which is my favorite.

Today, we’ll talk about a few of the most common methods: fried, scrambled, and omelets. We’ll also give a few tips on cooking in the skillet versus the convenience of the microwave.


  • Before you start cooking, have your ingredients ready — bacon, sausage, ham, salmon, cheese, spinach, mushrooms, onions, peppers, potatoes all make great fillings.
  • Whisk your eggs and season to taste with pepper or herbs. If you prefer a lighter omelet, add 1 teaspoon of water.
  • Allow your eggs to set for 15 seconds on the heat before pulling a portion of the edge away from the skillet. Lift the pan so the uncooked eggs fill in. Repeat and then cook for another 30 seconds or so. Fold the omelet in half and then slide onto your plate. You may fold it once again, in thirds (like a letter fold) if you wish.
  • If you wish, top the omelet with a sauce such as tomato or cheese.
  • Add a salad, and have your omelet for lunch or dinner.

Scrambled Eggs

  • If you prefer a lighter texture, add a tablespoon of water for every 2 eggs. If you want them really rich (and don’t mind a bit of extra fat), add a tablespoon of butter, sour cream or cream.
  • Slow cook the eggs on low to medium heat and then remove them just a minute before you think they’re done. They will continue to cook from the residual heat.

Fried Eggs

  • Make sure you have plenty of butter or oil for your skillet. For an extra Southern flavor, fry the eggs in bacon drippings.
  • Once the pan and oil are hot, reduce the heat to low and add the eggs.
  • Don’t season with salt until right before serving, as salt can toughen eggs.
  • To get that perfect fried egg without risking the messy turn, add 1 tablespoon of water around the egg in the skillet then cover. The steam will cook the egg’s surface.

Cooking on the Skillet

  • Choose a heavy pan for cooking eggs stovetop.
  • If you have a non-stick pan, this will cut down significantly on the amount of fat you must use.
  • If you choose to cook with oil, choose a vegetable oil or unsalted butter.

Cooking Eggs in the Microwave

  • Egg yolks cook faster in the microwave then whites since they contain fat which attracts the heat from the microwaves.
  • To cook unbeaten eggs, pierce the yolk with a toothpick or fork. This will prevent steam from building and exploding the yolk.
  • Cook unbeaten eggs at only 30 or 40 percent power.
  • Beaten eggs cook fine on high power.
  • Cover the eggs with waxed paper or a lid and they’ll cook more evenly.



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