Distinctively Southern: Magnolias

6 03 2012

Growing up, we had this really gorgeous magnolia tree outside in our front yard. It always epitomized beauty to me with its low shade, shiny leaves, and big white flowers.

My parents had a painting of a magnolia in their bedroom, but I never really associated magnolias so strongly with the South, in the way that you don’t notice something that’s just always there, until I left.

It’s no secret around here that while I used to not be about to shut up about the South, my voice has been a little quieter banished out here in LaLaLand.

Make no mistake, we have greatly enjoyed our time so far in California. The folks are nice, the weather is perfect, the scenery cannot be beat.

But it’s like a great vacation in a foreign country. You just can’t wait to be home.

So I find myself dreaming about that painting in my parents bedroom, and wishing to sit underneath shady magnolia trees.

And then, one day, I looked out of our bathroom window at an awkward, almost backwards angle into a neighboring yard, and could almost, just barely see, the small peek of … a magnolia tree. They grow in central California!

It’s the only one I’ve seen, but whenever I want, I can lean out and peer into the neighbors yard (I’m sure they’re thinking “what is that crazy, window-washing woman doing??) and get a little taste of home for now.

So for those of you that have unlimited views of magnolias, kudzu, Spanish moss, and honeysuckle, don’t take it for granted. Enjoy the Southern foliage. There’s no place like home.




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3 11 2012
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[…] of late. I think of you often, dear Southern readers. But truth be told, other than the occasional magnolia or Mark Twain spotting, my life as a Southern expatriate has felt a little quiet out here in […]

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