National Park: Timucuan Reserve

8 12 2011

In keeping with my thoughts on doing things to get out of the house, away from the malls, we decided that some fresh air and a new (at least to us) hiking trail might be just the ticket for a Saturday afternoon.  Living in an area full of walking trails, beaches, etc..we simply do not take advantage of our local spots nearly as well as we should.  Timucuan Park is just one such place that I haven’t visited in years and my fiancé simply just hadn’t been at all. 

There is so much interesting history in our area, as the French and Spanish battled over these pieces of land and relied much on the kindness of the native Indians, the Timucuans.  The fort on the reserve is a recreation, but one can most definitely get an idea of how things used to be, despite the large homes facing us from across the water.  We walked a one mile loop on the fort side and in all my life I have never, ever seen that much Spanish moss in one place. It is a photographer’s haven and makes me wish I brought more than just my iphone.

We also crossed the street and started out on the longer loop, but eventually turned around scared our car would get locked in the state park and we would be stranded!

Folks, this is the year to give and to give joyfully, but sometimes to be joyful you have to remove yourself and engage in something that refuels you and gives you peace. Being outdoors in God’s creation is one way I know how to change the pace and find joy.  I hope you will make the time to find joy this Christmas!




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