Annual 2011 SIT Gift Guide: Men

8 12 2011

If it’s often held true that men are the hardest to buy for, that’s quickly changed. Lately, I’ve been noticing the coolest gifts around with men in mind. Maybe it’s the rise of metros, or maybe there’s really just that much cool stuff.

But if you’re having trouble with the man in your life, fear no more! Sweet Iced Tea is here to help. Here are our favorite picks for all the good boys and good ol’ boys:

I don’t know about your house, but in mine, it’s the man’s job to put up the Christmas tree. So start his season off right by having one come straight to your door. Several companies now will deliver fresh, still growing trees to your home, and then plant them back after the new year. Your family can even adopt the same tree year after year, and watch it change and grow like an old family friend.

Got a golfer in your life? Make a golf gift basket with tees, balls, and a set of this care kit by F. A. Seeds, including polishes and leather conditioner.

If there is one surprising thing I’ve learned about Southern men, it’s that they actually love candles. Of course, they’re not often going to waltz into your favorite home store and pick up a bagful themselves, but everyone from my hubby to favorite uncle light the candles on the coffee table when they get a chance. My FIL (father-in-law) just had this tobacco candle burning all Thanksgiving in his sitting room, and it was delicious, and so manly.

Monogrammed handkerchiefs — Nothing better to show Southern chivalry than a guy who has a hankie in his pocket to offer along with his “Bless You. Give him a box of crisp new hankies in his stocking.

Men are practical creatures, so give him something of use and value. Like this fire-resistant document bag or a firesafe to keep his family’s precious memories and important papers safe. Peace of mind is a priceless gift.

Is your guy always looking for a screwdriver? Combine key ring with a useful tool that will always be with him where he can find it easily.

He can also never have too many flashlights. Especially when they are as cool as this super-bright LED model, with bulbs that will never need replacing. Tell him he, like this light, lights up your entire room.

Mr. SIT loves his iPhone to get us places, but we miss our GPS, mounted conveniently on the dash. Here’s a universal mount that will hold just about anything. Problem solved!

I love to stick a little something humorous in the mix. But I think any guy would seriously love this bacon soap.

If there’s a music lover in your family, how about one of these cool records-turned-clock to keep time in the man-cave. (Someone in my family is getting one of these, but I’m not telling who!)

What about an experience together? Book a massage for a day of relaxation after the parties are done and the lights are down and the snow is shoveled and the families are gone. A short drive across town to that fancy place you’ve always wanted to go to is a good excuse to throw in a lunch and perhaps even an overnight staycation in the mix. It’s something to look forward to after the holiday leaves.

And if you’ve got to do the gift card thing, at least put it in a clever ornament to be used again and add a little spark to, let’s face it, probably their favorite gift of all.




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