Tuesday Tip: Do It Now

4 10 2011

This “tip” really works for anything, we know to do it, but I’ve recently implemented the “do it now” attitude in one particular aspect of my life, and I believe it’s made all the difference — When I get a note in the mail from a friend, someone takes the time out to meet with me for any reason, or even writes me an email, I’m trying to respond right away.

The emotion is fresher in your voice, the details are more potent in your mind, and you’ll sound enthusiastic — because in the moment when you get that little happy package in the mail or sweet note from a friend, it is like it won’t be in two days when you get around to it. Just do it now. An answer, a quick note, addressed and stamped, a short phone call or text — will only take five minutes out of your day, but will brighten your spirits, it will be one less thing on your “mental to do list,” and relationships will be strengthened.

Make a rule for yourself that when someone needs a response, you’ll “do it now!”

So, go to it! (And if you want to leave an inspired comment for your favorite bloggers below, we won’t mind if you practice here.)




One response

18 10 2011
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