Southern College Week: Western Kentucky University*

2 09 2011

*Alright, y’all… I promise this has nothing to do with a certain team’s victory last night. Western Kentucky was scheduled to be our featured school today for a long time. (Though I was a bit nervous in the first quarter last night.) Nope, I’ve got other personal reasons to hold Western Kentucky University dear to my heart. While my ol’ pops graduated from the illustrious University of Kentucky, he attended his freshman year at WKU.

Western Kentucky has always had an esteemed journalism program, so off an 18-year old dad headed, back before I knew him, to be a Hilltopper. This beautiful campus holds award-winning programs, and, while still small yet, has been the fastest growing university in Kentucky for more than a dozen years.

Western Kentucky places a high emphasis on community and world involvement, so their influence stretches throughout the South and beyond. And hey, while they’re not the Wildcats, WKU is still in the great Bluegrass State so we can still give a hearty “Go Hilltoppers!”




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