Tuesday Tips: College Credits & Costs

30 08 2011

School is starting again, and your young adults might have already headed off to their new dorms, but no doubt you’re still thinking of ways to pay for the ever growing expense of a college education. If yours aren’t that age yet, it’s quickly coming, so we’ve compiled some great tips concerning education today. What’s your tried and true knowledge about paying for, and surving the college years?

  • If your young one is nearing college age, visit Collegiate Choose Walking Tours for videos of a typicial college visit, in about one hour. Save yourself the vacation time/plane ticket/hotel/gas of visiting every college on a student’s list, and you can narrow it down to fewer viewing these inexpensive videos, and still get the whole campus visit experience.
  • Consider encouraging your college-age students to fulfill some of their general education courses at a community college. They can often get credit senior year of high school, or even during the summers while their home, or they may wish to attend the first two years in order to cut their college tuition down about 75% of the cost. Advanced Placement courses often work the same way. If your teenager scores a high score on the AP exam, they often recieve credits towards college, saving hundreds of dollars per credit hour.
  • Many universities offer free or reduced tuition for employees dependents, so once Junior heads off to school (provided it’s near town), consider getting a job to fill your empty-nester days at the school to help with the tuition costs.
  • Once they’ve headed off to the university, make sure you check with your insurance provider. If they live in a seperate city, the population could affect what kind of car policy they might need to have. If you live in a large city and your child goes to college in a smaller town, your premium may drop to reflect the update!



2 responses

30 08 2011
Ally Garner

I almost wish I were starting undergrad again. Those were some of the best years of my life! But boy, I’m glad I no longer have student loan debt hanging over me. And how lucky are high school students to have so much info about prospective schools available to them on the internet? Gosh, i remember waiting for big packets to arrive in the mail, haha.

31 08 2011

I know… me and my bestie were reminiscing this weekend about the time we went to the library (the LIBRARY — with BOOKS) to find out about colleges! What did we ever do before the internet?

But I am with you, Ally, I miss the days of buying new books and clothes for school, outfitting doors with Breakfast at Tiffany’s posters and meeting new roommates. Such good times! I even miss studying late into the night.

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