Boiled Peanuts

25 07 2011

Summer brings to mind different things to different people. For me, summer is watermelon, beach fireworks on the 4th, afternoon cocktails on the porch, early evening swims in the ocean, and angel food cake.  Summer also brings my birthday and every year I really only ever want one food item, boiled peanuts.  I have memories of eating so many boiled peanuts as a kid that my lips were swollen for days from all of the salt. 

I simply love boiled peanuts.  Friend’s creations have included Cajun, and ranch flavors (accomplished by adding mixtures to your water), but I am a simple girl and just like the salty variety.

Here is mama’s recipe. 


3 cups of boiled peanuts (buy the medium sized variety if possible, they don’t take as long to cook- smaller than the ones in the picture)

2 quarts of water

1 ½ cups of salt


Bring the water to a low, rolling boil and add your salt, stir, and then add peanuts.  Cook these in a boil for 3-4 hours. Larger peanuts could possibly take 5 hours. This is a labor of love! Test your peanuts 3 hours in and see if the peanuts are soft and salty enough. If they are still too hard, leave them to cook longer, and add salt if needed.




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26 07 2011
Ally Garner

My Mom used to make boiled peanuts, but i’ll tell ‘ya some of the best i’ve ever had are from road-side stands. I grew up in upstate SC and on summer weekends we’d drive up into Pisgah National Forest to picnic, go tubing, canoe on the French Broad, or head down Sliding Rock. Great family memories drinking a cold coke & eating boiled peanuts on our way into the mountains for a fun day with cousins 🙂

3 08 2011

that is so funny because I cannot even tell you how many times I have been to sliding rock. I love that place. However, now that I am older the thought of that extremely cold water makes me cringe a little.

11 05 2012
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