Southern Music Week: Easter Island

24 07 2011

You heard it here first, folks. Easter Island, next big thing.

Ok, ok… in the interest of full disclosure, the lead guitarist is my brother-in-law, but seriously, it’s not just me singing the praises of this up-and-coming band from Athens, GA. They’re getting some major press including the FensePost (popular Indie music blog) and PopMatters as well as playing in some great shows such as Athfest 2011.

It all started when Ethan and Nathan met in Athens in 2005, both classically trained musicians with an ear for the nostalgic sound of the 90’s (they’ve been compared to Coldplay!). Ethan’s brother Asher joined the group as well as drummer John Cable and bassist Andrew Terrell. So, our final Southern Music Week band for the 2011 Second Annual SMW edition is Easter Island.

Their song, “Proud” was featured on a recent episode of the ABC drama, Off the Map. It’s a worthy addition to your Southern summer soundtrack.




2 responses

24 07 2011
Ally Garner

Love Easter Island!!! I’ve yet to hear them play live but hope too while in Athens a lot this Fall for football season. We had to miss Athfest this year sadly.

Best wishes to your super talented Brother-in-law! I love their music and hope they pick up some serious national steam from Off The Map. That’s so cool! No better town to be if you want to launch a fanbase & career than Athens.

25 07 2011

ginger, you are practically famous … they are really good! I can say that I stayed at his house.

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