Southern Music Week: Country Gentlemen

21 07 2011

Time again to look back to the clock for some old Southern music. Not all good music is a new release.

Don’t forget bands like The Country Gentlemen. A bluegrass band out of Washington, D.C. in the 1950’s, some of the founding members including Charlie Waller, John Duffey, Eddie Adcock and Tom Gray were inducted into the International Bluegrass Music Hall of Honor in 1996.

They toured folk circuits throughout the 50’s and 60’s, until the 1970’s when a second generation began taking the places of many of the orignal members, who had moved on to other groups and careers. I’m sure you’ve all heard of Ricky Skaggs. Well, he fiddled for The Country Gentlemen!

But Charlie Waller, the band’s founding member, played on until his death in 2004, when his son Randy took over and sings now as Randy Waller and The Country Gentlemen.

If you’re a fan of good bluegrass standards, The Country Gentlemen deserve a place on your playlist.




2 responses

21 07 2011
Ally Garner

I’m almost embarrassed to say i’ve never heard of the Country Gentlemen. I love love love bluegrass and i really dig their band’s name 🙂 Definitely going to check them out and download some of their music.

24 07 2011

I’m from Kentucky, so liking bluegrass is practically a requirement! Luckily, I married myself a Tennessee boy who likes bluegrass too!

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