Southern Music Week: Randy Rogers Band

20 07 2011

Image via

Is there any better music than what comes from our great Southern state of Texas? Well, the Randy Rogers Band doesn’t think so!

This country five look like any other Southern boys, but they sing and play like no one else. This is just good ol-fashioned, raw country music without all the glossy shine some modern country has become known for. You know it’s gonna be good when you got a fiddle in the band. They started as a local band, playing at cafes in their town, and around Texas. But now that they’ve recorded four albums, they’re old pros. Randy Rogers, the frontman, even wrote the song “Somebody Take Me Home” which Kenny Chesney recorded on his 2005 album.

They’ve got lots of gigs around the country through the rest of the summer and into the fall, so add my recommendation, “Steal You Away” as a mellow tune on your Southern soundtrack, or strumming ditty “Interstate” and find a show to go to near you (especially if it means a road trip)!




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