Southern Music Week: The Civil Wars

17 07 2011

Image from Relevant magazine article in July/August 2011 issue

You didn’t think we could just stop at one week of great music, did you? Nope, we can’t. There are just too many fantastic Southern bands out there.

And today is one of my new favorites. The Civil Wars were formed with former Christian music teen pop star Joy Williams met John Paul White at a songwriting camp in Nashville. It was musical love at first sound. He’s from the South, she’s from California. They’re married — to different people. She’s got a pop background; he comes from the world of country. But somehow, it just works. If you’ve not yet had a chance to give a listen to The Civil Wars, I urge you to pick up their album immediately, if not sooner. The melding of their voices is pure magic. A little folk, a little bluegrass, a little rock — there is not a bad song on the album, Barton Hollow.

It’s one of those albums that will make you feel great when you’re feeling good, and will wash over you with a peaceful comfort when you’re feeling edgy.

You’re sure to have a swell summer with songs from the likes of The Civil Wars on your Southern soundtrack.




3 responses

17 07 2011
Ally Garner

I love The Civil Wars too, but i had no idea of their collaboration background. That’s interesting! Funny how 2 people that on the surface look like complete opposites can be so great together, music wise. I think my fave song on their album is the bonus track, oddly enough: Dance Me To The End Of Love. But i also can’t get enough of Poison & Wine and Falling. Joy has such a beautiful voice!

19 07 2011

Thank you for posting about the Civil Wars! I had heard of them, but hadn’t stopped to listen to them until you wrote about them this week. I can’t get enough of them!! So great!

19 07 2011

Yay! So glad you gave them a listen. I can’t stop listening either!! Isn’t it fun to share music with friends?

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