Southern Music Week: Marc Broussard

8 07 2011

It sometimes feels like our wonderful Sweet Iced Tea readers are the oldest and dearest of friends. And what do we like to do with friends? Well, share! After all, that’s what momma taught us to do, right?

So when I realized I hadn’t ever shared one of my favorite Southern artists with y’all, I about wanted to give myself a smack on the behind. Well, I’m here today to remedy that.

A friend of mine in college introduced me to all the cool music I know about. And I’ll forever be grateful for the intro to one Marc Broussard, one of the great and, in my opinion, undercelebrated artists recording today.

Marc is the son of great guitarist Ted Broussard and was born in Louisiana. He’s been recording since 2001, recording Momentary Setback in 2002, but didn’t really break into the Top 100 until Carencro with a re-recording of “The Wanderer.”

Broussard just released his latest self-titled album in June, and it’s worth a listening to. My favorite is still his 2004 album, Carencro. But of course I have a soft spot for “Home,” “Lonely Night in Georgia,” “Gavin’s Song,” and “Let Me Leave.”

Check out Marc’s own brand of “Bayou Soul” and rock out to his fantastic music. This is serious roll-the-windows-down sing-at-the-top-of-your-lungs music. Enjoy!

Me with some friends at an early concert back in 2005 (sorry I accidentally cut you out of the pic, Brad... this is what you got pre-digital).




One response

9 07 2011
Ally Garner

My hubby Jeff introduced me to Marc Broussard when we first started dating. It was instant love-his voice is amazing! Jeff is kinda goofy & loves to sing to me (to make me laugh-he’s really horrible haha). He sang The Beauty Of Who You Are when he asked me to marry him. We’ll be BIG fans of Marc forever 🙂 Great choice!

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