Summer Games

1 07 2011

For most of us, this weekend is the highlight of the summer. Independence Day. The 4th of July. What could be better than a weekend to celebrate our freedoms? Families come together. Delicious food is eaten. Fireworks are enjoyed. And for most of us, it’s a long weekend to spend some time outside near the cooler and the grill.

a little family game at a public park when my family came to visit last week

If your family is like mine, we break out the lawn chairs, spread a picnic table, carry out baskets of food, and languish in the heat around a few family games until it’s dark enough to “ooh” and “ahh” over the rockets red glaring across the sky.

Mr. SIT fits in quite nicely with the family -- he's a champ at croquet (we might not have let him in otherwise).

Lawn games aren’t inherently Southern, but we sure know how to do them right. My family has a particular affinity for croquet. I grew up playing it in the backyard (in fact, we wouldn’t buy a house unless it had a large, flat, sunny yard to set up our wickets in). But more recently, we’ve incorporated other Southern favorites such as cornhole, bocce, Hillbilly golf, and horseshoes.

Mr. SIT and bro-in throw to the girls... we'll let you guess who won.

So this weekend, and throughout the summer, break out the games, and enjoy some good food, time with family and friends, and a few laughs, around a lazy game out in your front lawn. And don’t forget to thank your lucky stars that you’re proud to be an American!

my debonaire Pops

What are your favorite activities for this holiday weekend?

me and my cute momma hamming it up for the camera while the boys duke it out





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