Play Me, I’m Yours: Austin Edition

10 05 2011

Bringing music in the form of street pianos to the neighborhoods, parks and everyday places where people meet and enjoy life is one of the goals of the Play Me, I’m Yours movement. With a recent installation in Austin, Texas, from April 1 – May 1, 2011, there are over 400 pianos in cities worldwide.  Often local artists decorate the pianos and while some scheduled performances exist, most often they are available for any passerby to enjoy and thus share the music. 

I was able to see several street pianos on my recent trip to Austin and the picture below exemplifies exactly why they are installed….people just stopping to play the piano. I love it all so much. Play Me, I’m Yours is an incredible idea and I wish they were in my city!!!




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10 05 2011
Ally Garner

This is so cool!! I wish/hope they come to my town-Charlotte, NC. For the umpteenth time in my adult life, i wish i’d never quit my piano lessons 😦

I doubt Athens, GA (Go Dawgs!) is a big enough city to be chosen, but the Classic City would really love this movement. The pianos would look great next to our painted Ugas!

12 05 2011

Isn’t it awesome. I don’t think my city (Jacksonville, FL) would ever be selected either, but for those cities participating I know they had to love it all.

I also quit the piano as a kid….what was I thinking? Of course, both my mother and sister play so I am the real lamo of the family! 🙂

13 05 2011
Ally Garner

Me too. My Mom still plays beautifully and my 86 year old Grandmother is still the Organist & Piano player of her small church. Nana grew up in a Mill Village in upstate SC. Back then they would pick young pre-teen age girls with musical aptitude & teach them piano or organ lessons for free in the hopes that they;d stay in church & use their talents as adults. Brilliant idea! My Nana won’t admit it, but i know she’s disappointed i didn’t carry on the tradition. Ugh, if only i’d understood than what i know know…

This was such a great post Ladies, thank you. Fingers crossed Play Me, I’m Yours selects Charlotte or Jacksonville next!

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