Ginny’s Little Longhorn and Chicken Shit Bingo

5 05 2011

Ginny’s Little Longhorn, self proclaims they are “the honkiest, tonkiest beer joint in town.” This humble bar is removed from the downtown area of Austin, Texas, and many of the establishments frequented by the younger crowd.  There is always plenty of cold beer, live music and my favorite part, people watching. Oheeeee, the people watching is stellar.  It has been there for years and is notorious for locals and visitors alike. 

Sunday afternoons draws a big crowd and while the inside is small, the parking lot is large, large enough for the party to extend outdoors.  Trucks and hybrids pull up and quickly unload their chairs for the day and go inside to buy a beer (cash only here).  I noticed lawn chairs, rod iron formal, garden variety chairs, folding chairs, and the typical football tailgating chairs.  In a way, everyone is tailgating for the afternoon’s main event, chicken shit bingo.  (I know mom, I just cussed).  

The proprietor, Ginny, has a couple of hen’s off the back of the property where they are cared for and well fed. On Sundays they make their weekly appearance inside the bar for chicken shit bingo.  While the band sings for tips and another order of beers is passed around a line begins forming near the front door.  The line is long but the tickets are few, and as I recall there are less than 60 tickets available and each person can only buy one.  Anticipation builds, and elbow to elbow the crowd waits for the chickens to arrive and the festivities to begin. Cameras are pulled out, necks strained and once Ginny and the chickens enter, the fun begins. 

Now, I should probably clear up one issue. The chickens are not required to get so many letters across, down or any other normal bingo combination. All they need to do is “use the facilities” on the pre-made number board (which covers the pool table I might add) and if one happens to “go” on your number, you win!  The odds are decent but the fun is in the build up and cheering on of the chickens. 

(Can you see the numbers at the bottom of the cage for bingo?)

If you should worry about the health and care of these chickens, please do not worry. I expressed some concern prior to arrival, but you can tell these chickens lead happy lives. 

This is an Austin cultural experience that is not to be missed. When they say, “Keep Austin Weird.” They really mean it and this can be joyfully experienced at Ginny’s Little Longhorn.

 (This is my Tina Fey lookalike friend. We get stopped everywhere.)




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30 07 2012
Hemraj Sheth

Looks like I’m going to need to look up a couple more things, but this was a pretty good place to start.

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