Don’t Forget the Derby

2 05 2011

Wow! What a Monday!

While the Royal Wedding monopolized most of the news over the weekend, last night was quite the twitter storm of information until the President’s speech regarding Osama bin Laden.  All of this news coupled with cleanup and devastation from tornadoes and bad weather has left everyone a bit overwhelmed. 

The Kentucky Derby is this Saturday, May 7, 2011 and while it cannot rebuild homes, or lives, sometimes a bit of joy, a jolly laugh and good hearted cheer is just the ticket to heal and mend hurts.  Laughter goes a long way.  At your Derby party this year, why not scale back and make a donation to assist those recovering from destavation in the south, or encourage all partygoers to bring cash instead of a bottle of cheer.  Every little bit counts!

Last year, we posted a bit of outfit inspiration for your Derby party and I am still finding it useful.  I also just downloaded the Kentucky Derby App for my iPhone in preparation for Saturday.  The App covers everything from party suggestions to contenders for the Derby and much more.




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